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Welcome to the Ragnarok: Project Zero Wiki.

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Recent Content Releases
Faceworm Nest (13th Chronicle) · [2024-05-04 Changelog]

Fever Fields W feverfields.png W levelingspots.png
Dynamic Fields W dynamicfields.png
W memorialdungeons.png
Poring Village
Orc's Memory
Prontera Culvert
Ant Hell
Izlude Waterway
Sunken Ship
Odin's Temple of Glory
Old Glast Heim
Faceworm Nest
W quests.png
Criatura Academy
Eden Group
Regional Quests
Kingdom Guild
Gym Pass Quest
Doomed Swords Quest
Random Daily Missions
Event Missions
Feature Events
Seasonal Events
Episode One
Rebirth Quest
W gears.png
Thor's Flame
Weapon Creation
Weapon Crafting Materials
Equipment Options
Memorial Dungeon Equipment
Potion Creation Guide
Costume Effect Stones
Box Items
Card Desocketing
MVP Cards
Updated Places
Clock Tower Glast Heim Guild Dungeons Louyang
Amatsu Juno Malangdo Hugel
Einbroch & Einbech Lighthalzen Kunlun -
Gameplay Basics

Introduction to Ragnarok
Getting Started Basic Game Control Glossary Levels Experience
Stats Skills Monsters Party Guilds

Class System

Acolyte Ico.png Acolyte

Archer Ico.png Archer

Mage Ico.png Mage

Merchant Ico.png Merchant

Swordsman Ico.png Swordsman

Thief Ico.png Thief

Priest Ico.png Priest
High Priest Icon.png High Priest
Hunter Ico.png Hunter
Sniper Icon.png Sniper
Wizard Ico.png Wizard
High Wizard Icon.png High Wizard
Blacksmith Ico.png Blacksmith
Whitesmith Icon.png Whitesmith
Knight Ico.png Knight
Lord Knight Icon.png Lord Knight
Assassin Ico.png Assassin
Assassin Cross Icon.png Assassin Cross
Monk Ico.png Monk
Champion Icon.png Champion
Bard Ico.png Bard / Dancer Ico.png Dancer
Clown Icon.png Clown / Gypsy Icon.png Gypsy
Sage Ico.png Sage
Professor Icon.png Professor
Alchemist Ico.png Alchemist
Creator Icon.png Creator
Crusader Ico.png Crusader
Paladin Icon.png Paladin
Rogue Ico.png Rogue
Stalker Icon.png Stalker
Ninja ico.png Ninja
Oboro Job Icon.jpg Oboro / Kagerou Job Icon.jpg Kagerou

Game Systems

W generalmechanics.png
Status Effects Status Icons
Drops Cards
Items Sizes
Races Elements
W systems.png
Commerce Item Mixing
Vending Marriage
Buying Store Adoption
Stats & Skill Reset Achievements
Chat Commands Daily Attendance
Stylist PvP
Cute Pet System Cute Pet System
World Map W worldmap.png

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