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The World Map is an in-game map that players can accses at any time of while playing. The map shows your current location (if you are on a field/town map) and those of your Party members. Views of specific areas may popup when hovering your cursor over them. However, the map will not show places of the New World.

In-game Map

The map can be accessed within the game as of Episode 12 through the following shortcuts:

  • Note: This shortcuts applies to the iRO Client; other official servers may have different shortcuts.
Keyboard Region Shortcut
American English CTRL + ~
British English CTRL + '
Canadian French CTRL + `{
Canadian Multilingual ALT GR + È
French CTRL + ù
German CTRL + Ö
Italian CTRL + ç
Portuguese CTRL + Ç
Spanish CTRL + Ñ
Swedish/Finnish CTRL + Ö



An interactive version of this map can be found here. In addition to this map, an interactive map of the New World can be found here.

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