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After reaching Base Level 99 as a second class, a character can choose to transcend (rebirth) and start the process again, being rewarded with a more powerful, transcendent character. The process involves being turned into level 1/1 High Novice, with a different sprite color from the original Novice. After turning into a First Class character, a player becomes a special "High" version of their original First Class, also with a different color scheme. Upon reaching the second class again, the character is granted with a new sprite, an entirely new class name and the new skills that come with it. Players also have access to equipment with the term "Transcendent Only".

Note that the character is considered the same character by the game before transcendence; quests, clothes dye and character-bound items are retained. First class quest skills, however, are automatically given, regardless if they were learned by quest or not.


  • All status points and skill points are removed, allowing the character to be entirely redeveloped. However, it is not possible to change class progression.
  • When going back to 1/1 Novice, the character starts with 100 Stat points, instead of the regular 48 points.
  • A permanent 25% HP/SP bonus is given instantly upon transcendence.
  • Job level limit at transcendent second classes is raised to 70, giving 20 extra skill points.
  • Access to new skills by the new transcendent second class.
  • Access to new gears marked as Transcendent Only.
  • Access to the upper levels of Thanatos Tower.

Rebirth Walkthrough

Base Level: 99 and 2nd Class
Job Level: 50
Item(s) (Consumed): Must have less than 500 Weight
Zeny: No Zeny is required
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to High Novice
  1. Head to the Sage Castle in Northwest Juno (entrance at yuno87321.
  2. Read The Book of Ymir yuno_in0293207.yuno_in02,93,207
  3. Talk to Metheus Sylphe yuno_in0288164 about the first verse
  4. Find the Valkyrie in Glastheim glast_0174152
  5. Go back to Metheus Sylphe and recite the verse
  6. Find the second Valkyrie prt_monk230263
  7. Go back to Metheus Sylphe and recite the verse
  8. Find the third Valkyrie in Niflheim niflheim32867
  9. Go back to Metheus Sylphe and recite the verse
  10. Go to the Book of Ymir yuno_in0293207.yuno_in02,93,207 and talk to it twice, until you are moved to Valhalla
    • If you've got less than 500 Weight and no unallocated Skill Points on your character, you'll be warped to Valhalla.
  11. After you've been warped to Valhalla, walk north as far as you can north (roughly: valkyrie4282, and talk to the Valkyrie.
    • In order to change into your respective Transcendent jobs, go to your previous job change NPCs, for example Thief Pyramids Hideout for High Thief and the Pharos Lighthouse for Stalker.