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The guild system of Ragnarok Online was made to allow the formation of communities with guild members and to form the basis to prepare for the War of Emperium.

Guild Office

Located in Prontera, (prontera75102), the Guild Office is where you can purchase Emperium as well as exchange Guild Dungeon Coins for PVP consumbles, PVP weapons, and PVP equipment.

Emperium Sale

The Guild Office Worker sells a supply of 100 Emperium from Monday through Friday from 6PM (18:00) UTC to 11:59 (23:59) UTC. The stock resets daily.

PvP Consumables & Equipment

Speak to the Guild Coin Trader to exchange 25630.png Guild Dungeon Coin for various PVP consumables, weapons, and equipment. For example, you can exchange 200 Guild Dungeon Coin to get a 20865.png Lesser Guild Muffler and other equipment, 1000 Guild Dungeon Coin for a 26147.png Lesser Guild Arc Wand and other weapons, or 2 Guild Dungeon Coin for a 11547.png WoE Violet Potion.

Guild Creation

To make a guild, you will need an 'Emperium.' (When you use an Emperium to create a guild, you will not be able to get one back if you decide to break the guild.)

If you have obtained an Emperium, and have it on the character you want to make the guild on, create a guild by typing /guild "guild name". The character you made the guild on is now the "Guild Master." Once you have made a guild, the name and who leads it cannot be changed (Unless there's something that goes against the TOS, in which case Staff may either change the name and ask you to come up with a new one, or disband it).

Guild Disband

Kick all guild members, then type /breakguild "my guild name" as the master of the guild.

Guild Window

The guild window is accessed in-game, by pressing alt+G. This window is the interface used to change anything related to the guild, (that can be changed) and to view information such as who is currently online, the amount of people on, and the amount of people the guild can hold vs. the amount of people currently in the guild.


Guild Info Tab

General guild information, such as the current number of members, number of online members, leader, and guild level, is displayed here. Alliances are also listed here and the guild leader can remove alliances by right clicking an allied guild name. The tendency feature currently does not work.

When your guild has a castle, you can also use a direct teleport there for a fee (not available during WoE) and check the castle economy and commerce.


Guildsmen Tab

All guild members are listed here. The leader is always first, with other members being ordered according to their title. Online members will be highlighted here. Members who have been taxed to provide the guild with experience can show the amount contributed as well. For the guild leader, titles of each member can be modified from this tab. Leaving the guild is also available by right clicking a member; guild members and members given the right to do so (via title) can kick anyone, while others can only kick themselves.

It is also possible to change Guild Leaders from this Tab.

Position Tab

A total of 20 titles are available and can be set here by the guild leader. The order of titles here will influence the order of members in the Guildsmen tab. The permissions to invite players, kick members, or access guild storage is also given via titles.

Guild Skills

Available guild skills are displayed here. On obtaining a new guild level, the extra skill point is allocated via this tab. Using active guild skills is also done here.

The guild skill can be put in the Skills Bar, that way you can also check for the delay/cooldown.


Expel History

A list of recently kicked members are displayed here.

Guild Notice

The guild leader may write a two-line guild notice (one short and one long) that will be displayed to each member upon logging in or switching maps. Note that the second line is often overlapped by the chat box scroll bar, so a short and concise notice is preferable.

Guild Master

Guild masters can manage members' positions and set experience tax levels through Guild Titles. When being taxed in a guild, only your Base Experience is taxed. Your Job Experience will be unchanged by it. Taxes can only be set up to 50% of your Base Experience. Guild masters can also write messages, which are displayed when members log on/off, Teleport/flywing, or change maps.

  • Note: For people who do not wish to see messages, (such as when teleporting/changing maps often) the /li or /loginout command will disable these messages, as well as "Guildsman _____ has dis/connected" messages.

It is possible to change the Guild Master from within the Guildsmen Tab.

Guild Titles

Guild Titles are set by the Guild Master. They are used to set Guild Tax levels, and special names which can be entered in after a character's name. They also allow the Master to delegate various powers to other members such as inviting new members into the guild, kicking out members, or assigning who may access the guild's storage.


Guilds can also have their own personalizied "emblem." An emblem is a small picture which can make it easy to identify members, especially in WoE. Emblem Creation:

  • Select a design for the Emblem.
  • Emblems must be 24X24 pixels in BMP format using 256 colors, the hot pink color (Red: 255 Green: 0 Blue: 255) will appear transparent ingame.
  • Create a folder named Emblem inside the ragnarok online folder (C:\Program Files\Gravity\RagnarokOnline), copy the emblem file into the Emblem folder. If you do not already have this folder, you will have to make it.

Guild Size

The amount of members a guild can hold is 16 (including the Master) by default. This limit can be increased via the Guild Extension skill up to a maximum of 56 members. Note that there are only 20 Guild Title slots, so grouping members into one or more "default" titles may be necessary with larger guilds.

Guild Levels

Guilds, like characters, have levels. Guilds gain levels by members who donate their base experience through taxes. After a guild gains a level, one skill point is obtained, which can then be used on a variety of guild skills.

Guild Experience Chart

Current Level Total EXP EXP to next Level Rise %
1 0 400,000 0
2 400,000 900,000 125
3 1,300,000 1,600,000 77.77777778
4 2,900,000 2,500,000 56.25
5 5,400,000 3,600,000 44
6 9,000,000 4,900,000 36.11111111
7 13,900,000 6,400,000 30.6122449
8 20,300,000 8,100,000 26.5625
9 28,400,000 10,000,000 23.45679012
10 38,400,000 12,100,000 21
11 50,500,000 14,400,000 19.00826446
12 64,900,000 16,900,000 17.36111111
13 81,800,000 19,600,000 15.97633136
14 101,400,000 22,500,000 14.79591837
15 123,900,000 25,600,000 13.77777778
16 149,500,000 28,900,000 12.890625
17 178,400,000 32,400,000 12.11072664
18 210,800,000 36,100,000 11.41975309
19 246,900,000 40,000,000 10.8033241
20 286,900,000 44,100,000 10.25
21 331,000,000 48,400,000 9.750566893
22 379,400,000 52,900,000 9.297520661
23 432,300,000 57,600,000 8.884688091
24 489,900,000 62,500,000 8.506944444
25 552,400,000 67,600,000 8.16
26 620,000,000 72,900,000 7.840236686
27 692,900,000 78,400,000 7.544581619
28 771,300,000 84,100,000 7.270408163
29 855,400,000 90,000,000 7.015457788
30 945,400,000 96,100,000 6.777777778
31 1,041,500,000 102,400,000 6.555671176
32 1,143,900,000 108,900,000 6.34765625
33 1,252,800,000 115,600,000 6.152433425
34 1,368,400,000 122,500,000 5.968858131
35 1,490,900,000 129,600,000 5.795918367
36 1,620,500,000 136,900,000 5.632716049
37 1,757,400,000 144,400,000 5.478451424
38 1,901,800,000 152,100,000 5.332409972
39 2,053,900,000 160,000,000 5.193951348
40 2,213,900,000 168,100,000 5.0625
41 2,382,000,000 176,400,000 4.93753718
42 2,558,400,000 184,900,000 4.818594104
43 2,743,300,000 193,600,000 4.705246079
44 2,936,900,000 202,500,000 4.597107438
45 3,139,400,000 211,600,000 4.49382716
46 3,351,000,000 220,900,000 4.395085066
47 3,571,900,000 230,400,000 4.300588502
48 3,802,300,000 240,100,000 4.210069444
49 4,042,400,000 250,000,000 4.123281966
50 4,292,400,000 0


Guilds have certain skills which can be used in or outside of WoE. All "Active" skills can only be used by the Guild Master.

Skill Description Levels Type
Battle Command.png Battle Command
All guild members and allies visible on the Guild Leader's screen will receive a +5 bonus to STR, DEX and INT for 180 seconds. 1 Supportive
Cold Heart.png Cold Heart
All guild members in a 5x5 area around the Guild Leader will receive a (1*SkillLV) AGI bonus. 5 Passive
Contract with Kafra.png Contract with Kafra
Allows the hiring of a Kafra employee enabling teleportation and storage access when owning a castle. 1 Passive
Glorious Wounds.png Glorious Wounds
All guild members within 5x5 cells of the guild master receives (1*Skill Level) VIT bonus. 5 Passive
Great Leadership.png Great Leadership
All guild members within 5x5 cells of the guild master receives (1*Skill Level) STR bonus. 5 Passive
Guardian Research.png Guardian Research
Enables guardians to be hired in defense of War of Emperium castles. 1 Passive
Guild Extension.png Guild Extension
Adds up to 40 guildsmen to a guild's capacity, for 56 total. 10 Passive
Official Guild Approval.png Official Guild Approval
Allows a guild to participate in the War of Emperium. 1 Passive
Permanent Development.png Permanent Development
While investing, adds a 50% chance of getting an extra point for free. 1 Passive
Regeneration.png Regeneration
All guild members visible on the Guild Leader's screen increase their HP and SP regeneration rate. 3 Supportive
Restoration.png Restoration
All guild members visible on the Guild Master's screen will have their HP and SP restored to 90% of the respective maximum. 1 Supportive
Sharp Gaze.png Sharp Gaze
All guild members in a 5x5 area around the Guild Leader will receive a (1*Skill Level) DEX bonus. 5 Passive
Strengthen Guardians.png Strengthen Guardians
Enhance the Attack Strength and speed of Guardians that are protecting War of Emperium and TE Guild Castles (WoE 2 excluded) in your Guild's possession. 3 Passive
Urgent Call.png Urgent Call
All guild members will be teleported next to the Guild Master. 1 Active
Guild Storage Extension.png Guild Storage Extension
Allows guild masters and members to access the guild storage when they have permission. 5 Passive