Gym Pass Quest

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Gympass NPC.png

Gym Pass Quest
Base Level: N/A
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies
Item(s): 7776.png Gym Pass

The Traveling Weightlifter Steve

Steve the Traveling Weightlifter has appeared in Prontera.

He has big dreams to become the greatest weightlifter in the world!

That's why he is travelling the lands to learn different techniques that make people stronger.

And if you help him understand the area better, he might share some of those techniques with you to make you stronger as well.

As you get stronger, you will be able to carry more items.

For now, Steve is only interested in the techniques around Prontera, the Rune Midgard capital, but it's only a matter of time until he is going to explore other lands...


  • The Gym Pass is character bound, so you cannot complete this on multiple characters to trade it over.
  • The Prontera Chapter will be the pre-requisite quest before doing the other chapters. They can be done in any order after the Prontera chapter is accomplished.

Prontera Chapter - The Traveling Weightlifter: Initiation

1. Go to Prontera prt_in16916 and talk to the Traveling Weightlifter NPC Steve.

2. He will ask you to gather a set of materials in exchange for the First Gym Pass.

Item Requirements
7776.png Gym Pass (First)


513.png 800 Banana
707.png 5 Singing Plant
750.png 2 Baphomet Doll
706.png 2 Four Leaf Clover
7270.png 200 Nursing Bottle

3. Talk to him again after you have gathered the items he asked for he will give you a 7776.png Gym Pass.

4. Talk to him again to bestow the item's effect on you.