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Event Missions are Seasonal Events in Project Zero that will only be available for a limited amount of time.

You will earn 9100001.png Event Coin for participating in Event Missions, with a maximum of 5 per day per Master Account.

The Current Available Missions:

  • World Boss Mission: Yggdrasil Corruption

The 9100001.png Event Coin can be traded at the Event Coin Shop NPC at moc_para013922.

Event coin shop npc.png

Rewards List:

Item Event Coins Required
23725.png 1 High Quality Meal 9100001.png 2 Event Coin
23726.png 1 Challenge Drink 9100001.png 2 Event Coin
23727.png 1 Infinity Drink 9100001.png 2 Event Coin
9100011.png 1 Power Drink Box 9100001.png 2 Event Coin
23732.png 1 Spring Water of Mimir 9100001.png 2 Event Coin
9100010.png 1 Valdur's Blessing Box 9100001.png 2 Event Coin
25375.png 1 Essence of Powerful Soul 9100001.png 75 Event Coin

World Boss Mission: Yggdrasil Corruption

The World Boss mission is a time limited event that will require the forces of many adventurers to save the Tree of Yggdrasil from the powers of corruption.

Current instabilities in Rune-Midgard sparked the interest of a few brave acolytes to go and investigate - what they found surprised everyone: corruption! Corruption in the roots of the Yggdrasil tree, which are affecting all the realms. Will the brave adventurers of Rune-Midgard be able to defeat this evil and save the universe?

Required level: Base 50 and above

The boss fight is limited time fight, in which a few unique phases and mechanics have to be dealt with in order to defeat the corruption. The fight triggers in the following schedule in UTC time:

During odd days of the week ( Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)

  • 1 AM
  • 1 PM

During even days of the week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

  • 7 AM
  • 7 PM


  1. Talk to the Oracle NPC at prontera160187 during the times stated to join the world boss event.
  2. You will fight the Boss alongside other adventurers during this time period, winning the fight will net you rewards.
  3. Once the last Boss dies, a chest will spawn. Click it to obtain 9100000.png 2 Daily Coin (this counts to the daily amount limit of 4, if you have received 4 already from the random daily missions this will be omitted) and 9100001.png 5 Event Coin.
  4. You may join the fight more than once per day but the rewards will only be given once per MA account.
  5. Other random consumables may also drop from participating in this event, which can be received with every participation.

Rewards List: