Daily Attendance

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  • You can receive daily rewards just for logging in!
  • Rewards change depending on the month
  • Daily Attendance can be completed 20 times in a given month
  • If you log in 20 times on unique days for a given month, you will receive all rewards!
  • Rewards CLAIMED* are MASTER account bound (see clarification below)
  • Rewards OPENED (Halter Box, Infinite Fly Wing Box) will be bound to the CHARACTER that opens them

The following rewards are character-bound upon claim:

  • White Potion Box

How to Claim Rewards

  1. Open the Attendance Check from your Status View drop down
  2. Click the day you are checking-in attendance for
  3. Open your Mailbox from your Status View drop down
  4. Open your mail containing the Daily Attendance reward
  5. Claim your Daily Attendance reward by clicking the receive attachment button