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For editors looking for resources to help them add to the wiki, the following external sources are very useful! Feel free to add legal sources of your own if you know of any!

  • Before Editing: Read the Posting Rules to get an idea of how to write on a wiki.

What Can I Do?

  • Add links to databases to articles listed in this category. (Use the RO Lookup Tool in the Tools section to speed this process up)
  • Add information to pages needing expert attention.
  • Update pages which need updating.
  • Comment on current Discussions.
  • Add builds/equipment/etc. to class pages.
  • Add unlisted terms to the Glossary.
  • Create new userboxes and customize your userpage!
  • And of course, improving many of our other pages.

How To Start Editing

  • Contact our staff to receive a wiki account
  • To edit any page on the wiki, press the edit tab on the top of the page (read the Posting Rules for rules and standards).
  • The history tab shows who has recently changed the document and in what way. This is a useful way to see if anything has changed recently. The cur link on the left of any edit compares that version with the currently active one. The prev link compares it to the one before, showing what that author did.
  • If there is confusion over an edit, questionable data, or information one is unsure how to write in the article, editors are welcomed to write in Talk Pages. Click on the discussion tab of an article to see it's talk page. If it's red, that means there has been no previous discussion; however, editors are free to simply create a new page. Remember to end your text with a signature by typing --~~~~ in talk pages (but not the articles themselves).

How Do I Link to Things?

We use special templates to link to database related pages such as Monsters, Items, and Maps. Please see those pages when making links to those specific things. For regular external links, the format is [http://www.link.com Link Name].


RO Wiki Resources

  • CP DB - Ragnarok: Project Zero database

MediaWiki Help