Clock Tower

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The Clock Tower is a dungeon located in the center of Aldebaran. Clock Tower, and by extension, Aldebaran have exciting features such as:

  1. Craftable Headgears
  2. Regional Quests
  3. Fever Bosses

Fever Bosses

Each field that has a fever boss will display a counter of mobs killed every 5 minutes. The boss will spawn at the location of the last mob killed. For example, Sieglouze will spawn on the character who kills the 300th Arclouze.

Fever Boss Spawn - Monster & Amount Location
Sieglouze Arclouze x300 Clock Tower B1
General Orc High Orc x300 Clock Tower B2
Jennifer Penomena x300 Clock Tower B3
Erzsebet Bathory x1000 Clock Tower B4
Extra Joker Joker 100 Clock Tower B4

Map Guide

Clock tower guide.png