Odin's Temple of Glory Memorial Dungeon

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Odin's Temple of Glory Memorial Dungeon
Base Level: 90+
Party: 1+ Members
Item(s): Odin Reliquary, Dragon Treasure, Shimmering Crystal, Ores

General Info

Odin Temple North.jpg

The Odin's Temple of Glory can be started by speaking to the Valkyrie Remnantodin_past276242 found inside Ancient Odin Temple. The entrance is located on Odin Temple North odin_tem03276236.

Valkyrie Remnant.jpg

  • You must be at least base 90.
  • You can only do it once a day.
  • You have 1 hour to complete the instance.
  • There is only one mode for this instance.
  • After completing the instance, every player in the party can click the Treasure Chest to receive their rewards.
  • If there are multiple characters from one Master Account in the instance, only one of them can claim the rewards.
  • If players disconnect or crash while in a Memorial Dungeon instance, they will be warped back to the instance as soon as they are logged in. However, this won't happen if the player waits for more than 3 minutes or the player was dead on disconnect/crash. If a player dies and respawns they will not be able to re-enter the instance.

Once inside Odin's Temple of Glory, you will first need to speak to Valkyrie. You must then kill the various Valkyrie bosses marked on the mini-map. Once they have all been defeated you'll meet the final boss, Valkyrie Ingrid!

The various Valkyrie bosses are all Angel race but will have different element types.


Many of the Valkyrie bosses are palette swaps of the database mobs and was therefore used where appropriate.

Instance Rewards

For more information about the uses for Shimmering Crystal, Mythril and Mythril Ore see our Memorial Dungeon Equipment page.

Item Item Quantity Range
25424.png Shimmering Crystal 2 ~ 6
25429.png Mythril Ore 1 ~ 2
25430.png Mythril 0 ~ 1
985.png Elunium 1 ~ 2
6291.png Enriched Elunium 0 ~ 1
6241.png HD Elunium 0 ~ 1
984.png Oridecon 1 ~ 2
6292.png Enriched Oridecon 0 ~ 1
6240.png HD Oridecon 0 ~ 1
23986.png Odin Reliquary 1 ~ 4
23985.png Dragon Treasure 1 ~ 4

Guaranteed Rewards

Finally, each player completing the instance will have a choice between the two items below in addition to the above drops:

Item Item Quantity Range
23986.png Odin Reliquary 5
23985.png Dragon Treasure 5