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The Royal Criatura Academy is where Novices receive initial training. It's located in north Izlude (128, 254). It consists of a main questline and some side quests that help novices level up.

Main Quest

Boat/Island Area

1. After creating a character, you will spawn on a boat. Exit the nearest portal and you will find Wounded Swordsman. Speak to him twice.

Criatura boat.png

2. The Swordsman will give you a quest: to go outside and speak to the ship captain. Head downwards and go through the portal (57, 17) to exit the ship.

> You can check your current active quests by pressing ALT+U.

3. Speak to Captain Carocc. He will buff you and ask you to kill Porings until you find 2 Lumber.

Criatura island.png

4. Find 2 Lumber and bring them to Sailor (58, 69). He will buff you again and give you 5 Magnifier.

5. You can now exit the island and reach Izlude by heading to the portal (52, 59) and choosing "Sail to Izlude!".

> Note: once you exit the island, you won't be able to go back!


1. Speak to Captain Carocc (198, 213) and choose "I don't know what to do" to start the Criatura Academy quest. He asks you to find Hun.

Criatura izlude 1.png

> For ways to easily find NPCs or navigate, see Navigation.

2. Speak to Criatura Academy Staff (122,207). He will explain about inventory and ask you to consume the Apple Juice that he gave you.

Criatura Hun.png

3. Open your Inventory with ALT+E, click the first tab and double-click on Apple Juice, then talk to Criatura Academy Staff again.

4. Further in the dialogue, choose any option and the NPC will then tell you to reach the Academy.

> If you speak to the Information Staff standing next to Criatura Academy Staff, you will receive a side quest. Read more: Side Quests

6. Go north to reach the Criatura Academy and enter the portals (128,255).

The Academy

1. Speak to Academy Receptionist (iz_ac01 102, 44).

Criatura sprakki.png

2. Open your inventory and double click on the equipment to equip it, then speak to the Receptionist again. She will ask you to find a Kafra.

3. Exit the academy and head down to the center of Izlude, then speak to Kafra Employee (izlude 128,148).

  • You will receive some EXP and a Delivery Box.

4. You need to bring the Delivery Box to Morris, who's located in the Armory of Izlude. Head north-west to the armory (izlude 112,179). Go up the stairs and you will find Morris.

5. Morris asks you to find Leno, a red-haired swordman. Exit the armory and head south until you find a bridge, then go west. Go through the portal (izlude 24,99) to exit Izlude.

6. Continue heading west until you find Ur (prt_fild08 320,230) and speak to him.

  • You will receive some EXP.

7. Next, you need to a kid that Leno is helping. Head west until you find Little Child (prt_fild08 225,230). She will ask you to gift her some Clovers.

8. Kill 2 Lunatic then go back to the Little Child.

  • You will receive some EXP.

9. Talk to Lumin (prt_fild08 228, 231), who appeared near the Little Child.

10. Go back to Ur (prt_fild08 320,230) and speak to him again.

11. Go back to Morris (izlude_in 69,116) and speak to him.

12. Now, you need to find the Criatura Academy's Therapist (iz_ac01 60,43). Go back in the Academy, head up a bit and enter the first room to the west (after the stairs).

Criatura Therapist.png

13. Speak to the Therapist.

14. By now, you should be Job Level 10, so you can change your job. Select your desired class and for the job changing quest, refer to your desired job page. Read further for Job Instructors locations.

> Note: You can change your job at the Academy Receptionist; however you will NOT receive your Platinum Skills for free so it's not recommended.

After you change your job at your respective Job Guild, at some point you should come back to Criatura Academy to be made a member of the Eden Group, which has item Turn-In Quests. Additionally, you should also get a quest to check out your Kingdom Guild, which also has Turn-In Quests that provide rewards. The Kingdom Guild equipment series is also great starter equipment.

Finally, be sure to use the Novice Gear Exchange Vending Machine to exchange your Novice gears for Kafra Storage Tickets. Those tickets can also be exchanged with the Vending Machine for Kafra Transporation Tickets, Cart Service Tickets, Peco Ride Tickets, Novice Fly Wings, Novice Butterfly Wings, and Novice Red Potions.

Side Quests

These quests are available as a Novice.

Navigation Quest

Criatura Hun.png

  1. At the entrance to the Criatura Academy Bridge, talk to the guard-like NPC, Information Staff Member, who explains that they have a game for the player. They've hidden different items in the town for the player to find and have marked the locations on the player's map.
  2. Go to each location and click on the small sign post at the spot.
  3. Each location brings up a dialogue with a NPC, Lumin, who always manages to get there before the player does.
  4. Once the player has reached all three locations, return to Information Staff Member.
  5. Go through the dialogue with the NPC, who will then reward the player with 20 Novice Butterfly Wings, 20 Novice Fly Wings, and 20 Novice Potions.

Mayssel Quest

Note: This quest also has a level requirement where you need to be above base level 12 to get the rewards.

Go upstairs to Mayssel iz_ac0252136 and speak to her. When she asks if you want to know about the Thief class, choose Yes, please.. She will then instruct you to talk to Verkhasel and Vicente.

Each NPC will have a short class and then will give you quests to complete using the Thief Manual you were given. One quest requires you to Steal a Stone from one of the Porings. Another requires you to kill 1 Poring. Speak to one of the NPCs to reset the Porings as well.

After you complete their quests, talk to Leno who will give you a third quest to kill a couple Porings. Once done, he will reward you.

After you have finished all of the above, talk with Mayssel again and get rewards.

Red Herb Quest

Criatura Therapist.png

  1. Speak with the Criatura Therapist and select "Red Herb Quest".
  2. Go just outside the Academy and approach Lumin (below the Play Dead Instructor). He'll eventually give you a Red Herb.
  3. Take the Red Herb back to the Therapist and get rewarded.

Play Dead Quest

Criatura play dead.png

  1. Just east of the Criatura Academy entrance portals, there is a NPC named Instructor Argos, lying on the ground. Talk to Instructor Argos.
  2. The dialogue describes the player believing Instructor Argos to be dead, when he is, in fact, just sleeping. Choose the "You aren't dead?" option when prompted.
  3. Instructor Argos explains that he was taking a nap. Choose "But you weren't breathing..." when prompted.
  4. Instructor Argos explains that he was actually using the skill Play Dead.png Play Dead and asks if the player wants to learn it. Choose "I want to learn it!" when prompted.
  5. Instructor Argos tells the player how Play Dead works and then tells them to hold their breath for 20 seconds before talking to him again and that he won't teach them the skill before that period of time elapses.
  6. Wait for 20 seconds before talking to Instructor Argos again.

Shopping Quest

Criatura shop helper quest.png

  1. Talk to Shop Helper in Izlude (115,181).
  2. Choose "Ok, I'll listen!".
  3. Talk to the NPC again. The first three options will explain shop types, currency and the cash shop. Choose option 4 to continue on.
  4. Gather 10 zeny to buy a Red Potion from a Tool Dealer - for example, the one in Izlude's shop (izlude_in 57,110).
  5. Talk to Shop Helper and you will receive EXP and 50 Novice Fly Wing.
  6. Talk to Shop Helper once again and choose "I will do it". You will receive 1 Poor Can. Talk to any NPC shop to sell it.
  7. Once you're done, go back to Shop Helper and you will receive EXP, 10 Novice Butterfly Wing, 2 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation and 1 Free Ticket for Kafra Storage.

Abnormal Status Guide

Criatura status effects.png

Keep talking to Trainer Mainz (iz_ac01 x,y) and read his lecture about Status to receive 10 Apple and 1 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation.

Cooking Quest

> Note: this quest is currently not working as intended, as it crashes the client in step 3.

  1. Talk to Dacquoise (iz_ac01 147,50) and choose "Wow! I want to know more!". When prompted, choose option 1 or 2 and keep reading on.
  2. When he finishes his dialogue, talk to him again until he makes you choose a dish. Choose your preferred dish.
  3. Collect the ingredients and take them back to Dacquoise.
  • Fragrant Herb Mix - 1 Clover, 1 Green Herb, 1 Red Herb
  • Crunchy Salad - 1 Apple, 2 Carrot
  • Mixed Shabu Shabu - 1 Jellopy, 1 Fluff, 1 Feather
  • Golden Apple Roast - 1 Apple, 1 Clover

Battle Instructor

Criatura monster combat quests.png

  1. Inside the Academy, talk to Battle Instructor (iz_ac01 79,83).
  2. Choose "Check requests" and accept any of the quest.
  • The most delicious in the world (1~3)
    • Hunt Poring
  • Carrots are delicious (1~3)
    • Hunt Lunatic
  • Fabre rolling clothes (4~6)
    • Hunt Fabre
  • Barrier!! (4~6)
    • Hunt Pupa

Completing the requests will reward you with 1 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation and 1 Free Ticket for Kafra Storage each.

Pet Quest

Criatura Pet Quest 1.png

  1. Talk to Adept Adventurer (iz_ac01 45,80) and ask him about pets.
  2. Talk to him again and let him teleport you outside, then speak to him once more.
  3. Talk to Friendly Poring and choose to help it. Talk to it again until it gives you 5 Little Unripe Apple.
  4. Try catching a Little Poring. If successful, go back to Friendly Poring.
  5. Talk to Adept Adventurer, then speak to Friendly Poring one last time. You will receive EXP, 3 Apple Juice and 1 643 Pet Incubator.

Refining Lesson

Criatura refining tutorial.png

  1. Talk to Refinery Owner Han izlude153126 and choose “refining? Is it edible?”. Talk with Refining Machine Wagjak and choose your Knife [1] and it will refine it to +1. Note: Can be any Level 1 Weapon, doesn't just have to be a Knife.
  2. Talk to Han again, and he tells you to talk to Tadde (145, 122). Speak with Tadde, and choose “Finish the question”. Speak with Han again.
  3. Speak with Locas who talks to you more about refining (price and effect). Choose “Finish the question”. Then speak with Han one last time and get EXP and some Kafra tickets.

Socket & Enchant Lessons

In the bottom left-hand corner of Izlude, speak to the cats there to do the socket and enchant lessons. By the end of it you will have a socketed and enchanted (+HP!) Cotton Shirt. They also give Kafra Tickets, but the exact amount needs to be confirmed.

Other NPCs

Hairstyle and hair color change

When you receive Criatura Hair Coupon from the Academy Receptionist, you can speak with Otter Samssoon (iz_ac01 69,36) and you will be able to change your character's hairstyle and hair color once.

Novice Combination Kit

If you're below Base Level 20 and speak with General Store Owner (iz_ac01 68,49) you will be able to buy: