Glast Heim

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General Info

Glast Heim is located 2 West, 1 North and 1 West of Geffen. The area offers many challenges and rewards, including challenging Fever Dungeons, enticing equipment and weapons, and a large variety of Regional Quests.


The Ruins of what was once the capital of Rune Kingdom, whose warriors were so powerful that other nations thought of them as Super Entities. Legends say that the king of that kingdom was seeking more power from the sacred tomes hidden deep inside of the Ancient Tower of Geffenia, so he sent Assassins to steal it from there. Little did he know that by reading the tomes he unleashed evil powers over his kingdom; so powerful that it damned every soul into infinite torment.

The king's name was lost, now he is only known as the Dark Lord, and what is left from Glast Heim citizens are now fearsome monsters feasting on the flesh and souls of wanderers.

Lately some adventurers reported hearing explosions from inside the Ruins, no body knows what happened exactly.


Full Map for Glast Heim

Fever Dungeons

Glast Heim boasts 4 different Fever Dungeons.

Chivalry 2 (gl_knt02)

This Fever Dungeon features access to a set of new items, a new MVP and 2 brand-new mobs!

Bloody Knight
Contaminated Raydric
Contaminated Archer


21039.png Royal Knight's Greatsword
26016.png Royal Knight's Lance
15281.png Khalitzburg's Armor
26140.png Witch's Broom

Staircase (gl_step)

The ghosts in this Fever dungeon are divided into two factions: Flame Ghosts vs Ice Ghosts. Killing one of a certain type of ghost increases the counter to spawn that type's Boss and decreases the counter to spawn the opposing type's Boss at the same time. For example, killing 1 Ice Ghost increases the Ice Ghost Boss spawn counter by 1, and decreases the Flame Ghost Boss spawn counter by 1.

  • Killing 1000 of either faction will result in a boss version of said Faction to spawn
  • The boss will de-spawn after 15 minutes have passed (same de-spawn timer as Champion Monsters), so be sure to kill it quickly!

Blue Flame Staff


The main motivation for visiting this map is to gather the materials to craft the 2049.png Blue Flame Staff. Once you've gathered the materials, speak with Altos at gl_step110127 to craft the Blue Flame Staff.

The ingredients are:

26139.png 1 Glacial Staff
26138.png 1 Hellfire Staff
25430.png 5 Mythril
23686.png 5 Essence of Blue Flame

The Blue Flame Staff can be enchanted up to two times (2x). Different chances are given depending on the level of the enchant, and two of the same enchant can be given. It costs 1 Mythril both to enchant and to reset the enchantment. The enchant success rate is 100%. Sarah gl_step177133 can help perform this enchantment.

Enchant Description
Spell 1 MATK +5, -3% Variable Cast Time (VCT)
Spell 2 MATK +10, -3% Variable Cast Time (VCT)
Spell 3 MATK +15, -3% Variable Cast Time (VCT)
Spell 4 MATK +20, -3% Variable Cast Time (VCT)
Spell 5 MATK +30, -5% Variable Cast Time (VCT)
Spell1 MATK +6, -4% Variable Cast Time (VCT)
Spell2 MATK +9, -6% Variable Cast Time (VCT)
Spell3 MATK +12, -8% Variable Cast Time (VCT)
Spell4 MATK +15, -10% Variable Cast Time (VCT)
MATK 1 MATK +1%, -1% Fixed Cast Time (FCT)
MATK 2 MATK +2%, -1% Fixed Cast Time (FCT)
MATK 3 MATK +3%, -1% Fixed Cast Time (FCT)
INT+1 INT + 1
INT+2 INT + 2
INT+3 INT + 3
INT+4 INT + 4
VIT+1 VIT + 1
VIT+2 VIT + 2
VIT+3 VIT + 3
VIT+4 VIT + 4
MHP+100 MaxHP + 100
MHP+200 MaxHP + 200
MHP+300 MaxHP + 300
SP+50 MaxSP + 50
SP+100 MaxSP + 100

Underprison 2 (gl_prison01)

This Fever Dungeon features access to a few new items and a revamped MVP!


Equipment & Weapons

28619.png Prisoner's Diary
15040.png Prison Uniform
28032.png Prison Watcher
13487.png Guardian's Sword
2913.png Thief Handcuffs
5121.png Zealotus Mask

Cave 1 (gl_dun01)

This Fever Dungeon features a revamped mob list, 2 new monsters and access to a new headgear:

Hunter Fly
Contaminated Sting
Contaminated Gargoyle


5509.png Sting Hat

Contaminated Sting & Gargoyle spawn naturally on the map and do not require a kill count to spawn them. These mobs will drop Ninja-related gear in the future. :)

Regional Quests

See Glast Heim Regional Quests for information about the possible Regional Quests found in Glast Heim.