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Job Base(s): Thief
Job Type: 2-1
Race: Human
Changes At: Sograt Desert 16
Number of Skills: 10
Total Skill Points: 85
Total Quest Skills: 2
Job Bonuses
+6 +10 +2 +4 +8 +0



Assassins are able to equip a weapon in each hand and are the exclusive users of Katar weapons. Assassins have a variety of damage dealing and poisoning skills. The Assassin is the only class who can walk slightly faster than any other class ingame as long as they leveled the proper skill (Thief's Improve Dodge). The Katar wielding Assassins also receive double the normal amount of critical hit rate. Therefore, whatever amount of critical rate Assassins have, it will always be doubled.

The doubled CRIT while wielding Katars will NOT show in the status screen.

A sample calculation using the following formula:

2 x (CRIT Stat + CRIT modifiers)

CRIT Stat CRIT Modifiers Final CRIT
20% (from LUK) 15% (e.g. 15% to demi-human from shoes) 70%

Job Change Guide

See Assassin Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into an Assassin from a Thief requires the player to complete a number of tasks:

  • A Written Test
  • An Assassination Test
  • An Endurance Test
  • A Maze test

After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into an Assassin. All this takes place inside the Assassin Guild in the Morroc Desert (moc_fild16 205, 292).


As a note of clarification, most Assassin stat builds are very similar to one another. For example, the terms 'equip critical', and 'DD' describe equipment preferences, but the actual stats of these two builds are similar.

The skills which most Assassins will get is very similar, because of the relative weakness of the poison skills, and the small number of available assassin skills:

This leaves 5~15 points to use for poison skills, depending on the level of Enchant Poison and Cloaking.

Equip Critical

This build is very similar to that of a Dual Dagger Assassin, the difference being that they use Katars with cards that add to the CRIT rate of attacks. Even if your HIT is not high enough to hit the monster with your auto attacks, a CRIT will still land. A small amount of DEX is still necessary for skill usage, as many skills require DEX to land the hit on the monster.

Examples of Useful Cards:

Natural Critical

Natural Critical Assassins are built almost the same as the Equipment Critical Assassins but with less DEX, more LUK (around 50~60), and sometimes less STR. They're equipped with damage cards (i.e. Hydra) instead of critical rate enhancement cards for the Equip Critical Assassins. Natural Critical builds are not very effective and are generally not worth the tradeoffs.

Double Attack Katar

There is one way to accomplish this: a high ATK Katar (like a Jamadhar) carded with one Sidewinder Card. It is important to note that multi slotted low ATK weapons are not effective in Zero anymore, and it is usually best to go with the highest ATK weapon available (level 3 or 4 weapon preferred).

Dual Dagger

This is the quick build for leveling an Assassin. Note that the stats are similar to those of an Equip Critical build, and a Dual Dagger Assassin could pick up the gear of an Equip Critical build and have comparable performance. The main difference is the weapons used.

Note: the following information may be outdated. It may be better to use high ATK weapons instead of multiple carded weapons now. It is safer to just go with a Katar build.

Common Dagger Setup:

For a sorted list check out Card Reference.

Example of Useful Cards:

Cheap Healing

Many players find that leveling AGI classes can become expensive due to the need for healing on high HIT mobs (and in Zero, many mobs have had their HIT increased drastically). There is a simple solution that won't bankrupt new players starting out with little money to spend with: Fresh Fish. This cheap, yet viable option is a great substitute for the ever expensive Potions sold by Tool Vendors (and their weight is only 2 each). They can be purchased from the Chef's Assistant in the center of Prontera (156, 212) as well as other locations for only 250z each (190z with max Discount).


General Equipment Recommendations

Main article: Equipment

The Equipment article lists some general all purpose equipment that is useful through the PVM phase and also for endgame use as well.


After considering what requirement skills have (some skills can only be used with certain weapon types), the Weapon Search tool within the Control Panel is very helpful. Generally, for physical classes (both melee and ranged), something with high ATK is best. For magic classes, something with high MATK is best.

Link to the Control Panel Weapon Search:

Class Data


See Thief Skills for first class skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Cloaking.png Cloaking
Allows the character to disappear instantaneously and still move. Movement Speed (79~125%) is dependent on skill level. Drains SP while active. 1 SP every 0.5~9.0 seconds. 10 Active
Enchant Poison.png Enchant Poison
Imbues the characters weapon with the Poison element for 30~165 seconds. Each attack has Poison element damage and to have a chance (3~7.5%) to inflict the Poison status. 10 Active
Grimtooth.png Grimtooth
An attack using a katar that hits a 3x3 area from up to 3~7 cells away while Hidden. 5 Offensive
Katar Mastery.png Katar Mastery
Increases the damage done with Katar weapons by 3~30. 10 Passive
Righthand Mastery.png Righthand Mastery
Recovers up to 100% of the dual weilding damage penalty for the right hand. 5 Passive
Lefthand Mastery.png Lefthand Mastery
Recovers up to 80% of the dual weilding damage penalty for the left hand. 5 Passive
Poison React.png Poison React
Counters a Poison element attack with a one time physical attack for 130~400% damage. Also has a chance to counter non-Poison element attacks with level 5 Envenom up to 5 times. Lasts 20~60 seconds. 10 Offensive
Sonic Blow.png Sonic Blow
Deal 300~1200% physical damage with a Katar weapon with a 12~30% chance to Stun the target. Half damage multiplier and double SP cost when used with Enchant Deadly Poison. 10 Offensive
Venom Dust.png Venom Dust
Use a Red Gemstone to create a 2x2 Poison cloud for up to 5~50 seconds. 10 Active
Venom Splasher.png Venom Splasher
Turn the target into a "Poison Bomb" to deal 500~1400% damage after a delay (11~2s). Not affected by Enchant Deadly Poison. 10 Offensive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level
Sonic Acceleration.png Sonic Acceleration
Sonic Blow deals +10% damage and has +50% chance of landing a hit. 1 Passive 40 Sonic Acceleration Quest
Venom Knife.png Venom Knife
Throws a venom knife at a target and inflict the poison status ailment. 1 Offensive None Venom Knife Quest

Job Bonus

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
STR 11 25 27 32 45 48
AGI 1 2 3 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
VIT 6 8
INT 4 14 38 42
DEX 9 24 30 31 40 41 46 50


Equip Attack Speed From Thief
Bare Handed 156 0
Shield -6 0
Dagger -2 +6
Sword (One Handed) -10 0
Axe (One Handed) -11 +9
Katar -2 N/A
Left Hand Dagger -10 N/A
Left Hand Sword -12 N/A
Left Hand Axe -12 N/A
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk

Dual Wielding Interface

In the equipment window (ALT+Q) the righthand weapon is in the left column, next to the sprite's right hand, and the lefthand weapon is in the right column, next to the sprite's left hand. If the character has no weapons or shields equipped, then the first single-handed weapon equipped goes into the right hand. If any weapon is in the right hand (including a katar) then the next single-handed weapon equipped goes onto the left hand. This means that if you have a katar equipped, the first single-handed weapon you equip goes onto the left hand (also un-equipping the katar) and the second one goes onto the right hand, while if you start out empty handed the first equipped goes onto the right hand and the second onto the left hand.

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