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General F.A.Q.

Q: What is Ragnarok Online?

Ragnarok Online (also known as RO) is a MMORPG. See the Introduction to Ragnarok Online for details.

Q: What is "Zero" and how is it different from other iterations of the game?

Ragnarok Zero is originally korean-only official server that launched with an improved UI and the goal to rework and rebalance the RO world. Read more: TBA

Q: Where can I get the game?

You can download the server from Ragnarok Project: Zero's website.

Q: How can I sign up?

Register at the Ragnarok Project: Zero's Control Panel.

Q: Can I play on OS X or Linux?

No, the client is currently only compatible with Windows.

Q: Where is the server located, and are proxies available?

The server is located in France. There are currently no proxies available, but SEA and NA proxies are planned in the future.

In-Game F.A.Q.

Q: How do I make a character?

Simply select an empty box (you are given 15) and click on the Make button.

Q: What stats should I put for my starting character?

Stats vary based on which job you intend to become. Individual class pages, as well as other fansite resources are good tools to use when planning a character's build (their stats and skills).

Q: How do I move and attack?

See Basic Game Control for details.

Q: My Novice's Job Level has stopped at level 10, why is that?

At this point in the game, basic training is complete. Novices can become one of many classes that are available in the game. See: Classes

Q: What class is the best?

Each class is different in its own way. Some are more useful in PVM while others are used more for PVP and WoE. Some are useful in almost all situations; these are generally the most popular classes.

Q: I'm level xx, where should I level?

There are no generally "good" areas to level. However, politely asking an experienced player is a good starting point. Leveling areas are dependent on class, skills, stats, and gear. For information for some classes and builds, see Leveling Spots.

Q: Why did a monster attack me even though I didn't attack it?

That is an aggressive monster and will attack even when unprovoked. There are many types of monsters. See Monsters for more detail.

Q: How do I make a guild?

See Guild System for details.

Q: What is a Game Master and how do I tell who one is?

See Game Master for details.

Q: Can I transfer my characters to another server?

Transfers between servers are not available.

Q: Can I get a Stat or Skill Reset?

Yes, there are some free methods and some methods that requires items (for higher characters). See stat reset and skill reset for more information.

Q: Can I change my character's name without remaking it?

Not at the moment.

Q: Can I change my character's gender?

Gender is determined when you make a new character. It is possible to have male and female characters on the same account.

Q: Can I move characters between my accounts?

Not at the moment.

Q: Is multi-leveling enabled?

No. You will only get one level at a time.

Q: Do I really need to wait months for the deletion of my character?

No, the formatting that shows the time is the korean one. For example, if you're trying to delete a character in April, you will read "4th month". It means April, not 4 months.

Q: What’s the level range to share exp in parties?

A maximum of 15 levels.

Q: Is the exp being shared map-wide or screen-wide?/Is autofollow enabled?

Exp sharing range is supposed to be screen-wide. It's currently map-wide because autofollow isn't working, since kROz originally disabled this feature. The sharing range will stay map-wide until a fix for autofollow is found. There isn't an estimated time as to when it will be fixed.

Q: Is there a way to reset skills and stats?

Stats and skill reset is now available. Every time you change your job you're granted one free skill and status reset that don't stack. After you reset, a grace period of 90 days applies before you can reset again. However, changing your job bypasses this grace period. You can reset your skill or stats using the Hypnotist NPC in the center of Izlude. NOTE: for the beta period you will be able to reset your stats and skills two times a day (every 12 hours).

If there are terms you do not understand, please check the Glossary.

Troubleshooting F.A.Q.

Q: I get an "Execution failed" error when installing.

You probably don't have enough space to install the game. Ragnarok Project: Zero needs at least 6 free GB to install the game. After it's done, the game folder size is reduced to 3 GB, so you can install and then move the folder somewhere else.

Q: I have trouble installing/accessing the game.

You can reach the staff through Discord or send an email to our support: [email protected]

Q: How can I reach support?

Please send an email to [email protected]

Q: How can I report a bug?

Please use the bug and suggestion tracker to check the known bugs and report new ones, using the correct template.

Q: I have a suggestion!

Please use the bug and suggestion tracker using the “Enhancement” template.

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