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Job Base(s): Acolyte
Job Type: 2-1
Race: Human
Changes At: Prontera Church
Number of Skills: 34
Total Skill Points: 198
Total Quest Skills: 2
Job Bonuses
+5 +4 +5 +5 +4 +7



Acolytes who are successful in honing their spiritual powers and enhancing their contracts with the divine are promoted to Priests. Priests have an enhanced repertoire of divine spells that improves their allies or their own abilities to fight and banish the evils with exorcism spells. Priests are an essential support class to any venturing party, once the Priest dies, the rest may more or less follow.

Priests are one of the few classes who will be using numerous skills in battle, and must be flexible in any situation, advancing from acolytes it is easier for them to support larger parties but this would still drain the spiritual energy of the Priest. Having more spells to cast, it is up to the Priest which to prioritize first, with a main goal to keep the party up and going. Priest roles can range from going Full Support, or going all out with exorcising the Demons and Undead or just be a self sufficient killing machine. The support role however is always a part of the priest whichever path the priest would decide upon.

Priests are able to use books as a weapon, but more or less Priests would still stick to using either a Rod/Staff or a Mace. INT is still one of the most important stats in order to have a large SP pool and better SP recovery rates to keep using spells. STR will be the option for priests who would prefer to wield Maces in battle and do the killing themselves.

Job Change Guide

Requirement: Acolyte base 50 and job 50

See Priest Job Change Guide for detailed information.


Check the Acolyte Guild section of the forums for Priest guides, made by the community for the community.


Party Menu Healing / Buffing


The most effective way to heal and buff a party is through the Party Window (Alt+Z). Trying to heal a party by manually clicking players can become impossible when players become mobbed or are bunched up, and can lead to players dying. This is why it is strongly recommended to make use of the Party Window. Another benefit to the Party Window is the ability to monitor all players' health. Ensure that the "Lock Menu" feature is on (by clicking the picture of the lock) when using this system to avoid opening private messages when trying to heal / buff a player.

SP Recovery & Conservation

One of the biggest issues new Priests have when playing the class is maintaining their SP. There are many ways for Priests to ensure that they always have SP for those dire situations. These are some important methods on maintaining SP:

  • Always ensure that Magnificat is on at all times. This skill will not only keep a faster SP Recovery for the Priest, but also for the rest of the party that rely on SP for using skills as well. Keeping this buff up will make parties much smoother for everybody. Try not to wait until SP is bottoming out to cast this spell, because at that point it will already be too late.
  • Get Increase SP Recovery. It grants the player additional natural SP regeneration. If the player cannot naturally regenerate SP (such as when carrying 50%+ weight capacity), the SP recovery will not continue until the player can resume natural regeneration.
  • Stack SP Recovery or Max SP increase equipment. Gearing a Priest up with equipment that will increase their SP Recovery or Max SP will vastly help a player to maintain SP at all times.
  • Always have Healing Items (SP) on hand. All players should have SP healing items on hand at all times to restore SP, at least in emergencies, and this includes Priests as well. As most classes should have HP healing items of some sort on them at all times, Priests should also have SP healing items on them.
  • Sitting. Sitting helps to regenerate HP/SP quickly, so if the player needs to get a small boost of SP quickly, it may be worth it to sit briefly, even in combat. Note: There is an animation delay between sitting and standing back up. Be careful if using this method while in combat as the player can still be hit.

Some common items that can be easily obtained for SP regeneration include:

Skill Tips

Priests should remember that Lex Aeterna loses its rather long Cast Delay if used under the effect of Magic Strings, to the point when it can be constantly casted. This is a great way to double the damage output of parties, especially in single target situations such as MVPs.

Some skills in the Priests' arsenal may not serve a strong use while still leveling as a Priest, but many may have uses in MVP situations or other specific scenarios. These should be hotkeyed as well, and often a Priest will have all four rows of hotkeys used up. Some of these include:

  • Pneuma: A very powerful and necessary skill when fighting ranged monsters within a party. Certain ranged monsters and skills are very powerful and this spell can save players a lot of stress. Make sure the party members are positioned correctly. Nine people can actually fit into one Pneuma's area.
  • Aspersio: This skill endows a party member's weapon with the Holy property, which will greatly improve a party member's physical damage when the monsters are weak to the Holy property.
  • Status Recovery and Cure: Priests must pay attention to the Status Effects inflicted on their party members and should use the two skills on them accordingly.
  • Sanctuary: This spell has great healing power for a low SP cost (but uses a Blue Gemstone). Highly recommended to have this skill at Level 7, as that already provides the maximum healing power already. Level 8~10 only increases its duration.

Class Data


See Acolyte Skills for first class Skills.
Skill Description Levels Type
Aspersio.png Aspersio
Endows the user or party member's weapon with Holy property for 60~180 seconds. Requires a Holy Water. 5 Supportive
B.S Sacramenti.png B.S Sacramenti
Endows the armor of all targets with Holy property, in a 3x3 area around the targeted location for 40~200 seconds. Requires two other Acolyte-class characters horizontally adjacent to the caster. 5 Supportive
Gloria.png Gloria
Increases LUK of the user and all party members nearby by 30 for 10~30 seconds. 5 Supportive
Impositio Manus.png Impositio Manus
Increases ATK and MATK of the party by 5~25 for 120 seconds. 5 Supportive
Increase SP Recovery.png Increase SP Recovery
Grants additional SP Recovery while not moving. Also increases efficiency of Healing Items (SP) and Alchemist's Aid Potion by 10~100%. 10 Passive
Kyrie Eleison.png Kyrie Eleison
Creates a magic barrier on a single target that blocks physical attacks for either 120 seconds, until 5~10 hits are blocked or until its durability (12~30% of target's Max HP) wears off. 10 Supportive
Lex Aeterna.png Lex Aeterna
Doubles the damage of the next attack against a single target. 1 Supportive
Lex Divina.png Lex Divina
Attempts to silence a target for 30~60 seconds. 10 Supportive
Mace Mastery.png Mace Mastery
Increases ATK by 3~30 with maces. 10 Passive
Magnificat.png Magnificat
Doubles the SP Recovery rate of the user and all party members nearby for 30~90 seconds. 5 Supportive
Magnus Exorcismus.png Magnus Exorcismus
Summons a holy cross on the targeted location that inflicts 1~10 hits at 3-second intervals, each for MATK 100% damage to all monsters not of the Holy element, and deals an additional 30% more damage to Demon, Undead, Shadow, and Ghost property monsters in a 7x7 area, for 5~14 seconds. Requires a Blue Gemstone. 10 Offensive
Resurrection.png Resurrection
Resurrects a dead player with 10~80% of its Max HP restored. Requires a Blue Gemstone. 4 Supportive
Safety Wall.png Safety Wall
Creates a pink light pillar on a targeted cell that protects from melee attacks, for either 5~50 seconds or until its durability wears off. Requires a Blue Gemstone 10 Supportive
Sanctuary.png Sanctuary
Enchants a targeted location with restorative powers for 4~31 seconds, recovering 100~777 HP to 4~13 players in a 5x5 area. Requires a Blue Gemstone. 10 Supportive
Slow Poison.png Slow Poison
Halts the HP draining effects of the Poison status for 10~40 seconds. 4 Supportive
Status Recovery.png Status Recovery
Cures a target from Frozen, Stone, Sleep and Stun statuses. 1 Supportive
Suffragium.png Suffragium
Shortens the Variable Cast Time of the caster and their party members for the entire duration of the skill by 10/15/20%. 3 Supportive
Turn Undead.png Turn Undead
Attempts to obliterate the targeted Undead property monster. 10 Offensive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level Req. Quest
Redemptio.png Redemptio
Resurrects all dead party members within a 15x15 area around the user with half of their Max HP restored. 1 Supportive 40 Redemptio Quest

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
STR 4 11 17 27 35
AGI 6 29 37 48
VIT 7 14 34 36 45
INT 8 9 22 42 43
DEX 16 20 25 32
LUK 1 3 10 21 31 39 50


Equip Attack Speed From Acolyte
Bare Handed 156 0
Shield -5 +2
Mace -3 +2
Rod (One Handed) -20 0
Rod (Two Handed) -20 N/A
Book -4 N/A
Knuckle -20 N/A
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk

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