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About Amatsu


Amatsu is quite a beautiful city, done in the style of old Japan. Here the pink-white blossoms of the cherry (sakura) trees are always in bloom. Amatsu is the second town for the "Global Project" in Zero , in which new cities with themes based on countries with licensed RO servers were added. Amatsu has one dungeon and one field map. It can be accessed from Alberta via an NPC on the docks alberta24635; there is a 10,000 Zeny fee.


The tale unfolded in Alberta… a tale that told of a sailor whose ship ran into a raging storm. The ship drifted off-course and he found himself lying on the banks of an unknown village. The kind natives took him in, fed him, and nursed him back to health. As he explored the place, he felt awed by the exotic beauty of the land, which later came to be known as Amatsu. Straw huts line the streets and exquisite cherry blossoms gave the atmosphere a pinkish-white glow. At the center is a shrine that sits partially underwater, surrounded by lush pine and bamboo trees. At the East stood the magnificent Lakeside Castle, where most of the village treasures - books and historical valuables - are contained. Years later, he returned to his homeland, Alberta. His love for Amatsu was immortalized in his journals and maps. Upon his death, people who admired his sense of adventure submitted his written accounts to King Tristan III. The King, whose curiosity was then piqued by the thought of a new potential trading ally, announced to all adventurers that he would reward those who could bring him valuable information about this new eastern land. The route to Amatsu was dangerous, and yet seafarers braved the wild winds and murderous storms, hoping to bring glory home. Their persistence prevailed and a few years later, Rune-Midgard and Amatsu began trading with each other.


Base Level Requirement For All Quests: 70

  • Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest - The Secret of Toko Castle
    • In order to access the secret floor of the castle, you will have to talk to the gatekeeper soldier amatsu164174, completing this quest also grants access to 7 daily quests.
  • Momotaro Experience Exhibition
    • In order to start this quest you will have to talk to Mr. Momota at amatsu223236
    • This quest unlocks another daily quest
  • Ore Combining Quest
  • Amatsu Headgear Quests
    • Talk to the people and listen to their stories, they'll reward you by crafting special hats when you give them the ingredients for it, talk to the Exotic Bard at ama_in0117117 to craft the 19362.png General's Helmet, or talk to Object Head in ama_in0118075 to craft a 19363.png Charcoal Stove.

Souvenirs: The Yin-yang Weapons

Spirit Stone.png

Outside of the quests, the other draw for players to Amatsu have to do with the Yin-yang Weapons. These Yin-Yang Weapons are part of the Regional Weapons Category, which will be specific per global city as with Louyang's Earth Dragon Weapons, they also have the choice to reroll options and have their own set of option tables.

To obtain these weapons you will need to gather 25628.png Spirit Stone, they can be exchanged at the NPC located at the shrine north of the amastu field, the scroll exchanger npc is just outside the same shrine.

Regional Weapons also introduce a new feature where you can roll & reroll the options on your item for a fee of 150,000 Zeny via purchasing a scroll. Rerolling an item doesn't affect its refine level nor socketed cards. To roll and reroll options you will purchase a 23740.png Yin Yang Physical Scroll for the physical options or a 23741.png Yin Yang Magic Scroll for the magic options. Either scroll can be used for any of the Yin-yang Weapons, the options are random and can either have 1 or 2 options available. There is no limit in rerolling the options for all the weapons.

The two possible option sets are Physical and Magic options you can chose any to enchant to your desired weapon.

Monsters that drop the Spirit Stone:

The Yin-yang Weapons:


Amatsu guide.jpg


Amatsu Dungeon

Amatsu-dungeon 22.jpg

Deep in the heart of the Lakeside Castle lays a shadowy secret. Rumor has it that there is a hidden entrance that leads to a mysterious series of dungeons. The first of these is the Tatami Maze, a deceptive labyrinth of endless tatami and rows upon rows of rooms. None of what you see here are real, but many have been misled to believe otherwise and have since been aimlessly walking into dead ends.

The second is the Battlefield in the Underground Forest, a cavern where many battles have taken place. And the last is the Haunted Shrine, also known as the Underground Shrine. There have been rumors (in hushed tones) on what lies in the Haunted Shrine, but no one has ever discovered what it was. All that is known is that the place has been sealed, and the ominous aura it exudes could ward off even the most courageous of warriors. The last level of the dungeon is where the MVP Boss Incantation Samurai or Samurai Specter resides.



  • Bar (216,116)
  • House #1 (178,138)
  • House #2 (247,160)
  • House #3 (52,147)
  • Lord's House (168,181}
  • Palace (86,235)
  • Tool Shop (95,117)
  • Weapon Shop (131,117)


  • None


Legendary Tree
The legendary tree doesn't actually speak. Instead, it mirrors the last conversation you had with the NPCs surrounding the hill. There are four different reactions, and another if you haven't spoken to any of them yet.