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These events will be more of less permanent for Project Zero (They change with other events in place)

Inn Buffs

The inn buffs are a feature from kRO:Zero and will be permanently added to the server. Every hour there's a chance that it will trigger in a random city, once it's active the Inn staff will provide you with special buffs when you rest there.

There is a chance to trigger the inn buffs every hour, when triggered there will be an announcement which inn currently has the buff on. The EXP buff last for 30 mins.

  • On normal days
   * +5% EXP
  • During the anniversary event (Event Ended September 9, 2021)
   * +25% EXP
   * Blessing (4 mins duration)
   * Agility Up (4 mins duration)


Emily is an NPC Located in various towns who aids lowbies up to level 50 by giving them various buffs ( 10% more EXP gained, Increase Agi and Blessing Buff) that lasts for 30 mins.