Faceworm Nest

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Faceworm Nest
Base Level: 110
Party: 1+ Members
Item(s): 1000229.png Dimension Stone

1000239.png Dimension Craft Stone
Faceworm Skin (Random job)

General Info

Speak to the Mage in the Dimensional Gap dali8060 to enter the Faceworm Queen's Nest. The Leaderboard shows players fastest completion time of the Faceworm Nest instance along with the name of the party leader and how many people were in the party. If a new record has been made, it will be broadcasted to everyone in the server.

General Procedure

In order to complete the instance, you need to clear each area of all monsters before you can move on to the next area. At the end you will face one of the different Faceworm Queen bosses.



Faceworm Skin

The main reward from the Faceworm Nest instance is a piece of Faceworm Skin for a random class. You can also purchase a 100220.png Dimension Box to get a random Faceworm Skin. These are the available class variants:

You can give these items Random Options using 100223.png Faceworm Skin Scroll (Physical) and 100224.png Faceworm Skin Scroll (Magical). For the available Random Options, see Faceworm Queen Weapon Random Options.

Faceworm Queen Weapons

The Faceworm Queen can drop various weapons, which can also be purchased with Dimension Rift currency:

You can use the 100218.png Faceworm Queen Scroll to add Random Options to these weapons. For the available Random Options, see Giant Snake Skin Random Options.