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Job Base(s): Mage
Job Type: 2-1
Race: Human
Changes At: Geffen Tower
Number of Skills: 13
Total Skill Points: 101
Total Quest Skills: 1
Job Bonuses
+1 +8 +1 +12 +6 +2



Wizards strive further to hone the power of the elements, as a result they have obtained knowledge on how to use this power on a wider scale. Wizards have access to AOE spells that can be used to dispatch their enemies in groups, as well as learning stronger single target magic. Elemental counter is still an important aspect of a wizard, using the wrong spell could break the party flow when dealing with tough opponents. Wizards could also function as crowd controllers by either keeping them at bay (via Slow, Stun or Freeze) or killing them outright.

Wizards are still limited to using either a dagger or a rod/staff, the latter being the most used. 2-handed staves offer better offense power, as they have higher matk, at the expense of not wearing a shield to reduce incoming damage. 1-handed staves/rods are still used in cases of needing to wear a shield. Casting is more of a problem to a wizard now with the AOE spells having lengthy casting times, so having uninterruptible casting is a crucial attribute for wizards in PVM (doesnt work in WOE settings so you can just skip). INT is the primary stat for wizards so as to reduce both casting time while having higher matk. LUK is optional for its influence on matk as well.

Job Change Guide

Requirement: Mage base and job 50

See Wizard Job Change Guide for detailed information.


Check the Magician's Guild for community guides on the Wizard Build.

Class Data


Below are listed the skills that are unique to the Wizard class. For more information about Mage skills, click here.

Skill Description Levels Type
Earth Spike.png Earth Spike
Causes the earth below a target to rise and strike a target for 1~5 times. Each hit deals 200% MATK damage. 5 Offensive
Fire Pillar.png Fire Pillar
Summons a pillar of fire on a target spot that acts similarly to a trap, hits foes 3~12 times each dealing 50 + (MATK / 5) MDEF-ignoring damage. Requires a Blue Gemstone. 10 Offensive
Frost Nova.png Frost Nova
Strikes surrounding enemies within your 5x5 area with MATK*1.1~2 water elemental damage with 38~83% chance of freezing them. 10 Offensive
Heaven's Drive.png Heaven's Drive
Raises the ground in a 5x5 area around a target area, hit foes with the area for 1~5 times, each dealing MATK*1.25 Earth damage. 5 Offensive
Ice Wall.png Ice Wall
Summons a shield of ice 5 cells wide in front of the caster. 10 Active
Jupitel Thunder.png Jupitel Thunder
Launches an orb of lightning that hits 3~12 times, each dealing MATK*1 damage and knocks the target back 2~7 cells. 10 Offensive
Lord of Vermilion.png Lord of Vermilion
Summons explosive bolts of destruction in a 9x9 area that deals MATK*1~3.3 Wind damage per 20 hits, with (10 + 5*skill level)% chance of inflicting blindness. 10 Offensive
Meteor Storm.png Meteor Storm
Calls forth 2~7 meteors from the sky that strike 1~5 times, each hit deals MATK*1.25 fire damage with a chance to stun a target. 10 Offensive
Quagmire.png Quagmire
Turns a 5x5 area of ground into a marshland that lowers AGI and DEX, and removes certain buffs. 5 Active
Sense.png Sense
Analyzes a target, allowing the user and any party members to view an enemy's stats. 1 Active
Sightrasher.png Sightrasher
Projects the fireball summoned by the Sight skill to knock enemies back and deal damage. 10 Offensive
Storm Gust.png Storm Gust
Summons a destructive blizzard in a 7x7 target area that deals 10+50*skill level damage per hit with 15~65% chance of freezing enemies. 10 Offensive
Water Ball.png Water Ball
Uses water beneath the caster to launch 1~25 water balls at target foe, each deals MATK*1.3~2.5 damage. 5 Offensive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level
Sight Blaster.png Sight Blaster
Summon a protective fireball that lasts for 2 minutes, hitting any enemy that comes within a 3x3 area, knocking them back. 1 Offensive 30 Sight Blaster Quest

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12
STR 12
AGI 6 10 24 34 41 43 46 47
VIT 38
INT 1 4 9 18 22 29 31 33 40 45 48 50
DEX 2 5 13 26 32 39
LUK 15 34


Equip Attack Speed From Mage
Bare Handed 146 0
Shield -8 +2
Dagger -4 −4
Rod (One Handed) -3 +2
Rod (Two Handed) -3 +2
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk