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Job Base(s): Merchant
Job Type: 2-2
Race: Human
Changes At: Al De Baran
Number of Skills: 15
Total Skill Points: 82
Total Quest Skills: 1
Job Bonuses
+5 +6 +3 +7 +9 +0


The Alchemist is a class which optimizes Potion Creation and Homunculus, as well as various other potion-related skills. They are a class which work for the benefit of their friends and strike terror into the hearts of their foes (armor).

Jobchange Guide

See Alchemist Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into an Alchemist from a Merchant requires the player to complete a number of tasks:

  • Item Collection
  • Written Test
  • Transformation Experiment

After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into an Alchemist.


Cart Revolution Build

  • STR: 70-90
  • AGI: 30-50
  • VIT: 70-90
  • INT: 1+
  • DEX: 50
  • LUK: 20-40

This build is centered around the Cart Revolution skill for AoEing groups of monsters at once. ASPD does help Cart Revolution spam rate, especially when pushing monsters against walls. Mammonite still provides high single target damage.

AGI Build

  • STR: 70-90
  • AGI: 80-99
  • VIT: 50-70
  • INT: 1
  • DEX: 40-60
  • LUK: 20-40

The AGI build is is usually recommended for newer players without funds. They have high ASPD and FLEE for quick single target killing, so it uses minimal HP / SP Healing Items. Their main method of attack is melee-ing single monsters, and sometimes utilize autocast gear. Alchemists do not have skills that increase flee rate (like a Thief's Improve Dodge, so it is recommended to use at least SOME sort of FLEE gear (such as Whisper carded garment).

Tank/Aid Potion Healer Support Build

  • STR: 40+
  • AGI: 70+
  • VIT: 70-90
  • INT: 1+
  • DEX: 30-50
  • LUK: 20-40

Acid Terror/Demonstration build

  • STR: 80-90
  • AGI: 1+
  • VIT: 70-90
  • INT: 1
  • DEX: 30-50
  • LUK: 20-40

This build is for rich players with a lot of funds that want to level faster.


  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 1
  • INT: 45
  • DEX: 85 or 99
  • LUK: 85 or 99

This has one of the highest success rates for Potion Creation, but requires a lot of leeching.


Kingdom Guild Equipments Quests

Main article: Kingdom Guild

Kingdom Guild Equipment is a great series of starter equipment. All items have 1 slot, carry different bonuses, and are enchantable.

Homunculus System

Main article: Homunculus System

The Homunculus is a pet that kills, supports, and does everything for its master. An Embryo, from which a Homunculus will be born, can be created via Pharmacy with the following materials purchasable from the Al de Baran Material Seller, in the Alchemist guild alde_alche35179:

Once an Embryo has been created (or purchased from another player), use the skill Call Homunculus to receive 1 of 4 types of Homunculus. The Homunculus received is random, and each type has two sprite variations. Much like Cute Pets, Homunculi need to be fed or they will leave their owner:

Class Data


Below are listed the skills that are unique to the Alchemist class. For more information about Merchant skills, click here.

Skill Description Levels Type
Acid Terror.png Acid Terror
Throws an Acid bottle at a foe to deal 300~700% physical + magical damage. May break their armor and/or cause Bleeding status by a chance. 5 Offensive
Potion Pitcher.png Potion Pitcher
Throws a Red, Orange, Yellow, White or Blue potion at an ally or yourself for 110~150% effectivness of its HP or SP recovery. 5 Supportive
Chemical Protection Weapon.png Chemical Protection Weapon
Protects your or ally's weapon from being stolen or broken for 2~10 minutes. Requires a Glistening Coat. 5 Supportive
Axe Mastery.png Axe Mastery
Increases ATK +3~30 with axes and swords. 10 Passive
Chemical Protection Helm.png Chemical Protection Helm
Protects your or ally's headgear from being stolen or broken for 2~10 minutes. Requires a Glistening Coat. 5 Supportive
Demonstration.png Demonstration
Throws a Bottle Grenade at the ground to create a 3x3 cell fire, dealing 120~200% physical damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies that step into it. May break their weapons by chance. 5 Active
Learning Potion.png Learning Potion
Increases the chance to successfully brew potions by 1~10%. Also, increases effectiveness of potions you drink by 5~50%. 10 Passive
Pharmacy.png Pharmacy
Create potions from herbs and various other ingredients by 3~30% chance. 10 Supportive
Bio Cannibalize.png Bio Cannibalize
Creates up to 5~1 friendly plant-type monsters on the ground. Requires a Plant bottle. 5 Supportive
Summon Marine Sphere.png Summon Marine Sphere
Creates a Marine Sphere (HP 2400~4000) on the ground that will explode on taking damage. Requires a Marine Sphere Bottle. 5 Supportive
Chemical Protection Shield.png Chemical Protection Shield
Protects your or ally's shield from being stolen or broken for 2~10 minutes. Requires a Glistening Coat. 5 Supportive
Chemical Protection Armor.png Chemical Protection Armor
Protects your or ally's armor from being stolen or broken for 2~10 minutes. Requires a Glistening Coat. 5 Supportive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level Req. Quest
Bioethics.png Bioethics
Allows the learning of Homunculus Skills 1 Passive N/A Bioethics Quest
The Alchemist Skill Quests give Alchemists access to the Homunculus skill tree by granting the Bioethics skill. In addition, it allows them to obtain a new Creation Guide to create Elemental Resistance Potions using their Pharmacy skill.

Homunculus Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
Call Homunculus.png Call Homunculus
Creates a new Homunculus from an Embryo or summons an existing Homunculus that was stored by using the Vaporize skill. 1 Supportive
Resurrect Homunculus.png Resurrect Homunculus
Revives a Homunculus that has been defeated in battle. 5 Supportive
Rest.png Rest
Stores the owner's Homunculus. 1 Supportive

Job Bonuses

The Levels in which you receive a certain bonus:

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9
STR 6 15 26 34 43
AGI 11 14 40 45 49 50
VIT 20 31 36
INT 1 9 17 23 24 29 38
DEX 2 3 8 13 19 21 25 28 32


Equip Attack Speed From Merchant
Bare Handed 156 0
Shield -4 +1
Dagger -10 +2
Sword (One Handed) -5 +7
Axe (One Handed) -5 +3
Axe (Two Handed) -12 +3
Mace -5 +5
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk