Poring Village

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Poring Village
Base Level: 30 - 60
Party: 1 Member
Item(s): Potions, Jello Shards, Lower Headgear

General Info

Poring Village.png

The Poring Village Memorial Dungeon instance is located one map west of Prontera at prt_fild05145235. Speak with Emily while in a party to start the instance.

Poring village emily.jpg

  • You must be between base level 30 and 60 (you can be level 30 or level 60 and still enter).
  • You can only do it once a day.
  • You have 1 hour to complete the instance.
  • Only one character per Master Account should be in the party, otherwise rewards will be less (see below).
  • The more party members you have, the more rewards you get (see below).
  • If players disconnect or crash while in a Memorial Dungeon instance, they will be warped back to the instance as soon as they are logged in. However, this won't happen if the player waits for more than 3 minutes or the player was dead on disconnect/crash. If a player dies and respawns they will not be able to re-enter the instance.
  • If you're level 60, talk to the Magic Poring at prt_fild05143235 to get a buff that will prevent EXP gain for 10 minutes during Poring Village runs.

Once inside Poring Village, kill all the monsters in your path. As you progress and kill the monsters, you will awaken three different bosses. After defeating all of the monsters, including the final boss, Great King Poring, you will be given various rewards.

Along the way you will see blue pillars of light. Stepping into them will:

  • Transform you into a bird for 60 seconds, allowing you to run faster (does not stack with Increase AGI)
  • +20 all stats for 30 seconds


Instance Rewards

Rewards increase the more party members you have, but this increase only applies when the characters in the party are all from unique Master Accounts.

Day Of The Week Rewards

Each day of the week you can be rewarded with a different type of Jello Shard. Jello Shards can be crafted into Jello Stones. Jello Stones can later be used to craft higher-tiered Memorial Dungeon equipment.

The Jello Shards will appear in your inventory AFTER the instance chest has finished dropping items.

Day of the week Type of Jello Shard Base Amount (Party Size: 1-3) Rewards (Party Size: 4-5) Rewards (Party Size: 6 or more)
Monday 25465.png Poring Jello Shard 1 ~ 2 1 ~ 3 2 ~ 3
Tuesday 25466.png Poporing Jello Shard 1 ~ 2 1 ~ 3 2 ~ 3
Wednesday 25467.png Drops Jello Shard 1 ~ 2 1 ~ 3 2 ~ 3
Thursday 25468.png Deviling Jello Shard 1 ~ 2 1 ~ 3 2 ~ 3
Friday 25469.png Angeling Jello Shard 1 ~ 2 1 ~ 3 2 ~ 3
Saturday 23649.png Jello Shard Box 1 ~ 2 1 ~ 3 2 ~ 3
Sunday 23649.png Jello Shard Box 1 ~ 2 1 ~ 3 2 ~ 3


The first time you kill Great King Poring, you will receive one of the following lower headgear:

This headgear, as described below, can be enchanted.


These consumables are prefixed with the word [Event] (the CP entry doesn't contain this prefix). This means they can't be vended, and when selling to an NPC you get 0z.

11570.png Red Potion
11571.png Blue Potion
11569.png Orange Potion
11566.png Yellow Potion
11565.png White Potion
11571.png Green Potion
23302.png Poring Treasure Box

Enchanting the Poring Village Headgear

Speak with the Vegetable Lady at prt_fild05174238 to enchant the Poring Village Leek or Poring Village Carrot.

Vegetable lady.jpg

  • Costs 50 Jellopy + 20000 Zeny to enchant.
  • Costs 20000 Zeny to reset.
  • Both initial enchanting and resetting an enchantment has a 30% chance of failure. On failure, the headgear is destroyed. If your headgear is destroyed, you can get another one by completing the Poring Village again.
  • Resetting clears the current enchantment. If successful, you can then enchant it again. Both costs for enchanting and resetting apply.

Possible enchants