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Project Zero uses a different timeline of events from the usual episodic content of classic to renewal. Based on how the Zero server of Korea has laid out its content releases, the server will be releasing content in a similar fashion. Hence we would term them as Chronicles instead of Episodes to remove the confusion with how Renewal releases updates.

For reference :KrZero Area/Dungeon Updates

1st Chronicle: The Beginning of the World: The Kingdom of Rune-Midgard

The Kingdom of Rune-Midgard is the first country the world of Ragnarok showcased, it has by far the largest map area among the 3 country-states in the continent. Prontera is its capital and the largest city-state among the 9 under its domain.

The World Map

The Capital of the Rune-Midgartz Kingdom. It houses the the Knight's Chivalry and the Church of Odin for Knights, Crusaders, Acolytes and Priests. You can find Prontera Culvert close to the city.

The City of Magic, it houses the Magic Guild for Mages and Wizards. The Geffen Tower is its most distinguishing feature. You can find the Geffen Dungeon on the basement of the Tower. Mt. Mjolnir Dead Pit is an abandoned mine dungeon northeast of Geffen. Orc Dungeon is also within Geffen's jurisdiction. The Geffen Fever Field is also close by.

The city safe from outside invaders with the blessing of being surrounded by forests, Payon. Their unique architecture reflects the use the wood only available in their surrounding forests. Also houses the Archer Village. Payon Cave is just beside the Archer Village.

The Desert town that houses the Thieves Guild. There is a looming presence waiting to be unleashed in this town. The Pyramids and Sphinx are located just beside the town. Ant Hell Dungeon is also close to the town's vicinity. The Sograt Desert Fever Field is also close by.

The port city of Alberta where the ocean breeze is always pleasing. The Merchant Guild is also located here. However, you can't find many merchants here because most of the trades that are done here are between in larger cities. The Dungeons close to it are Turtle Island and Sunken Ship. The town will also be a gateway to the other towns to come.

Izlude, the satellite town of Prontera, sits on the eastern edge of the Rune-Midgard kingdom. Being a port, it features trade and travel routes by air and sea. Its strategic location gave Prontera access to a port, increasing possibilities for trade and transportation. Since then, various new features have been added to the town, including the Izlude Arena, the Royal Criatura Academy, and the airship dock. You can also Access the Undersea Tunnel nearby. Jawaii is also accessed in this area, talk to the NPC close to the docks for transport.

Known as the city of canals, also home of the Clock Tower. The majority of Al de Baran is indeed constructed around the waterways, using them for power, drinking water, and urban landscaping. In addition, a system of beautiful windmills dots the city's skyline, turning lazily in the mountain breeze. The scent of plant life, the crisp clean air, and the overall formal beauty of the city make it a well-known tourist city. It is here, also, that the Alchemist Guild makes its home, attracting many individuals from all over the world who wish to further research this strange science.

Umbala is surrounded by four field maps characterized by lush greens and abundant forests. Monsters found in these maps are of a wide variety. They may look like they’re plants, but most of them are from various other races. The Utan Tribe resides here. You can access Hvergelmir's Fountain, a path that eventually leads to Niflheim, the city of the Dead.

Comodo is a beach located at the far south region of Rune-Midgard Kingdom. . It is also home to the Dancer and Bard guilds. Due to the local region, the sun does not shine in Comodo. You will be dazed by the glow of the blue moon, and drawn in by the enchanted night life in Comodo. The 3 caves surrounding Comodo are known as the Beach Dungeon.

Memorial Dungeons

Also known as Instances, are a type of dungeon in which a specific copy ("instance") is created for each individual party attempting to enter. As such, the server requires a small time period to create the instance, and it can only be used until a certain time limit before it is destroyed. Therefore, each party has the instance to themselves.

There are 6 Memorial Dungeons related to Rune-Midgard: Poring Village, Orcs Memory Memorial Dungeon, Prontera Culvert Memorial Dungeon, Ant Hell Memorial Dungeon, Izlude Waterway Memorial Dungeon, and the Sunken Ship Memorial Dungeon.

2nd Chronicle: Glast Heim and Clock Tower

Glast Heim

Glast Heim

The Ruins of what was once the capital of Rune Kingdom, whose warriors were so powerful that other nations thought of them as Super Entities.

Legends say that the king of that kingdom was seeking more power from the sacred tomes hidden deep inside of the Ancient Tower of Geffenia, so he sent Assassins to steal it from there.

Little did he know that by reading the tomes he unleashed evil powers over his kingdom; so powerful that it damned every soul into infinite torment.

The king's name was lost, now he is only known as the Dark Lord, and what is left from Glast Heim citizens are now fearsome monsters feasting on the flesh and souls of wanderers. Lately some adventurers reported hearing explosions from inside the Ruins, nobody knows what happened exactly.

The Ruins of Glast Heim houses 2 Fever Fields, and a few NPC's who are waiting for adventurer's to aid them.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower Entrance

Aldebaran, the city of gentle calm, is renown for the mysterious Clock Tower that stands in its center. The city's craftsmen produced countless handmade clocks early in Aldebaran's development, and disposed broken, faulty clocks in the city's ancient tower.

Somehow, the magical energies of the tower transformed these clocks into living, malicious monsters. These monstrous clocks eventually expelled all people from the tower, turning the Clock Tower into a fearsome dungeon where Clock monsters freely roam and replicate.

Many curious and well-meaning adventurers have explored the Clock Tower to exterminate the wicked clocks, but only a few of them have safely returned. Even today, no one has managed to unravel the mysteries of the Aldebaran Clock Tower.

Some NPC's request your assistance to either exterminate monsters within the tower or gather up peculiar items to create new items.

3rd Chronicle: The War of Emperium

War of Emperium


The War of Emperium is a feature that allows guilds to fight in order to conquer a Castle to be the headquarters for the guild, and get benefits and special advantages.

Owning a Castle gives your guild several benefits. First off, you are able to access the Guild Dungeon associated with the realm your castle resides in for free (see below). These dungeons have several strong monsters that in some cases do not spawn in the normal world. Secondly, every night, 4 or more (depending on the economy of the castle) treasure boxes will appear in the castle giving useful items and equipments.

Currently the Guild Castles opened are Valkyrie in Prontera and Britoniah in Geffen, along with their corresponding Guild Dungeons

Cute Pet System

Cute Pet System allows players to tame monsters to become pets. They give special stat bonuses to the player when they are Cordial and Loyal. There are several types of pets with varying levels of difficulty to obtain and to keep fed.

Undersea Tunnel

Recently the soldiers of midgard found an entrance leading to a deeper floor in byalan dungeon, the creatures were much more powerful, and a looming presence abides within the deep waters. Venture with caution to the 6th floor of the Undersea Tunnel, fight stronger water monsters and kill the Kraken that lurks within.

4th Chronicle: Louyang - The Castle of the Dragon



The world of Midgard welcomes a new land to be explored - Louyang, the Castle of the Dragon. Fashioned after ancient China, it now becomes the stage on which a chivalrous new tale will unfold.

Far from the shores of Volsug, the brave adventurers discovered the land of Louyang. With its high mountains, vast fields, and the glorious Castle of the Dragon looming on the horizon, it wasn’t long before the adventurers were captivated by this foreign land’s mystique. Not only was the landscape spectacular, but the citizens were equally interesting.

Here they discovered unique artworks, weapons, masterpieces, and products made by skilled native craftsmen; treasures not found in any other land. Rumors also speak of another kind of treasure, a treasure so vast that is was said to compare to the vaults of King Tristan III and those guarded by the Schwarzwald Republic.

The Royal Mausoleum

The tomb of Suei Long Gon, a previous ruler of Louyang. The tomb requires a quest to be able to access it.

5th Chronicle: Amatsu - The Land of Heaven



The town of Amatsu consists of blooming cherry blossoms and Japanese style buildings. Northwest of the town is the Lakeside Castle—an ancient five-story structure. Rumor has it that there is a secret entrance into the castle that leads to a mysterious dungeon.

In the middle of the field, you will find a shrine half sunken under water. The shrine resides in a forest of bamboo, pine, and cherry trees, making it a famous tourist spot to visit.

The tale unfolded in Alberta… a tale that told of a sailor whose ship ran into a raging storm. The ship drifted off-course and he found himself lying on the banks of an unknown village. The kind natives took him in, fed him, and nursed him back to health. As he explored the place, he felt awed by the exotic beauty of the land, which later came to be known as Amatsu.

Straw huts line the streets and exquisite cherry blossoms gave the atmosphere a pinkish-white glow. At the center is a shrine that sits partially underwater, surrounded by lush pine and bamboo trees. At the East stood the magnificent Lakeside Castle, where most of the village treasures - books and historical valuables - are contained. Years later, he returned to his homeland, Alberta.

His love for Amatsu was immortalized in his journals and maps. Upon his death, people who admired his sense of adventure submitted his written accounts to King Tristan III. The King, whose curiosity was then piqued by the thought of a new potential trading ally, announced to all adventurers that he would reward those who could bring him valuable information about this new eastern land.

The route to Amatsu was dangerous, and yet seafarers braved the wild winds and murderous storms, hoping to bring glory home. Their persistence prevailed and a few years later, Rune-Midgard and Amatsu began trading with each other.

Lakeside Castle Dungeon

Also known as Toukoujyo, is an ancient 5-story structure which is the residence of the current feudal lord, Ishida Yoshinaga. Hidden entryways to certain areas lie somewhere in the castle. To access the secret passage to the shrine, you must undertake a quest to gain favor with the feudal lord to grant you passage.

6th Chronicle: Juno: The Forgotten Legacy, Capital of the Republic of Schwarzwald



The floating capital city of the Republic of Schwarzwald and contains three islands: the glorious island Solomon (north), island of intelligence Snotora (east), and island of prosperity Mineta (center).

Many come to research the strange powers and ancient civilization. As such, Juno is called the `City of the Wise One` for this reason and is the location of the Sage Headquarters.

Located in the air above El Mes Plateau, Juno is a floating city with three islands. The `Heart of Ymir` is what allows this land to exist. Many come to research the strange powers and ancient civilization. Juno is called the `City of the Wise One` for this reason. Juno is located above the El Mes Plateau, which is north of Al De Baran. Currently, the airship which used to provide transportation between Izlude and Juno is operating, so adventurers that wish to go to this land no longer have to climb through the rough land of the El Mes Plateau.

Magma Dungeon

Magma Dungeon

Also known as the Nogg Road, is an underground dungeon that leads adventurers below the planet's crust to magma-filled terrain.

Magma Dungeon Level 3

The Exploration team has discovered a passageway that leads deeper into the depths of Nogg Road, where it houses more powerful monsters. The area hosts more powerful versions of the ones seen in the first 2 floors and new treasures await beneath the fiery pits.

Juperos Ruins

The Ruins of Juperos

The Ruins was once a city of an ancient civilization that has since been buried underground. Scholars speculate that it may have been similar to Juno in the past.

The entrance to the ruins can be found in the midst of the Elmes gorge, located southeast of Juno.

There are various quests to be done related to the Ruins of Juperos, entry to the first 2 floors require no additional access quest, but entry into Juperos Core will require various items and adventurers must overcome the security system placed to enter the core where Vesper resides.

7th Chronicle: Malangdo - The Cat's Island



A group of 5 islands in the shape of a cat paw that is inhabited almost solely by cats. It's a home for many different quests and game features.

Ambitious group of cats, calling themselves the 'Cat Hand Group', have set sail from their homeland in an attempt to make profit in a foreign land. It has been 26 days since their voyage and to their misfortune, they were caught in a storm. The ship's rudder, having been damaged in storm, have lost their functionality. Feeling helpless, the Cat Hand Group was left with no choice but to wait for the tides to calm, only to crash into an unknown reef.

When the cats of the Cat Hand Group have regained their consciousness, they found themselves on an unfamiliar, peaceful island. Dazed by the recent events, the Cat Hand Group have quickly came to their senses upon sighting one of their ship, 'Nabeeho', on the middle of the island.

Fortunately none of the cats were injured or missing, however all of the ships with the exception of Nabeeho have been wrecked and majority of their loaded goods have been lost. Stuck on an unknown island with no way of returning to their homeland, the Cat Hand Group have settled on the island and named their new home 'Malangdo'.

Starry coral area.png

Starry Coral Area

An expansive cave that lies beneath Malangdo island. In the middle are the NPCs Star Candy and Biscuit.

Access the the Starry Coral Area from Malangdo Island. Entrance is at malangdo73239.

Deep Coral Area.png

Deep Coral Area

The Lower Floor of the Starry Coral Area which houses more powerful monsters.

Lurking within its depths is the Giant Octopus who will greet anyone who disturbs it from its slumber.

8th Chronicle: Hugel - The Garden City



Known as the "Garden City," is located in the upper north east of the Schwarzwald Republic.

“No one asked anyone where they came from, what they did, and how they got here...”

However, Hugel is now the eye of the storm. As pursuers who seek Odin Shrine’s relics, Gigantes, and Ymir’s Heart appeared, and the airship route opened, Hugel’s peace and isolation has come to the end.

People in Hugel, especially ones who left their hometown for specific reasons, are now desperate to hide their secrets from the outsiders.

So they started holding parties with others more often than used to be, in order to keep their secrets.


Abyss Lake

Travelers can find Abyss Lake in the northern part of the Schwarzvald Republic.

The only lake in the Republic is a natural wonder whose beauty has warmed the coldest of hearts and inspired hundreds of songs.

The shimmering lake surface, the surrounding green fields, and the foggy mist form an astonishing vision through all four seasons of the year.

The lake's clear, pristine waters seem to run endlessly into the earth, and no one is sure of the water's actual depth.

A quint island lies in the center of Abyss Lake, covered with dark, earthen rocks that appear purposefully arranged, almost as if to obscure something...


Abyss Lake Fever Field

The unholy energy emanating from its depth can be sickening. As you venture inside, the abyss sends chills down your spine.

The area hosts a more sinister version of the abyss lake monsters. As well as harboring more strength and power than those above.

Odin's Temple

Odin's temple.png

Long ago, there was a place where people had served God.

He created human beings and gave them everything.

So the people built a shrine and began to perform a religious service to appreciate him...

The Odin Temple was built ages ago by an ancient civilization who worship the god of lightning. The temple was massive, almost spanning the size of the island. The people gave everything they could to make sure that the temple was perfect. However, their devotion and loyalty was all in vain.

Civil war broke out as the various leaders vied for the favor of Odin. Soon enough, destruction and death came as the warring factions nearly wiped each other out. The survivors slowly abandoned the island in search of a better future elsewhere.


Today, Scholars and adventurers have made their way back into the island. The ghosts of the past as well as the present now stand guard to the greatest secrets of Odin.

Odin's Temple Memorial Dungeon

Listen to the events that unfold in the Ruined Temple of Odin, right from the mouths of the valkyries themselves.

9th Chronicle: The Era of Rebirth: The Path to Transcendence/ Einbroch - The City of Steel

Einbroch and Einbech


Sometimes referred to as "The City of Steel," is one of the major cities in the Schwarzwald Republic. Heavily industrialized, densely populated and prosperous, Einbroch is truly the first modern city in the world of Midgard. Einbech is its sister city

The Schwartzvald Republic 's scientific community has long been a source of pride for its citizens. Juno, the magnificent floating City of Wisdom , is a testament to the republic's achievements in science, as well as its research in ancient artifacts. Countless brilliant innovators and scholars fill the pages of Schwartzvald history, but perhaps the most revered of them is Strahlenstein, the leading advocate for the development of the steam engine. With his research, the minerals that fuel the engines were discovered and thus dawned Schwartzvald's Industrial Age.

Soon, steam engines were mass produced and distributed all over the republic. Recognizing the growing demand for resources used in manufacturing and fueling the steam engines, many merchants seized the opportunity to invest their capital in Einbech, a small mining town located near an abundant mineral supply southwest of Juno. Their financial support gave rise to a boom in the mining industry and the small town of Einbech developed into a large city.

Strahlenstein continued his research in steam engine technology and eventually devised a way to produce more powerful engines. The increased power output of these new engines made it possible to extract various metals and minerals that were previously impossible to mine. With this technology, people began investing their resources in a vacant piece of land near Einbech, building factories to refine minerals located there and manufacture a slew of new technological products. As more people moved to this area, an extensive railroad network was laid to meet the demands of the population. Eventually, this small community rapidly grew and was named the city of Einbroch.

Einbech Mines and Einbech Mines 3F

Einbech 3f.png

A network of caves and tunnels dug by the people of Einbech to harvest minerals. These mines are what supports the prosperity of Einbroch.

They recently discovered a secret tunnel from the 2nd floor, which goes deeper in the mines, they have seen a whole other mine moving within the deepest part, with monsters more violent than the ones above.

Rebirth System

After reaching Base Level 99 as a second class, a character can choose to transcend (rebirth) and start the process again, being rewarded with a more powerful, transcendent character. The maximum levels of a transcendent character is increased to 120/70

10th Chronicle: Lighthalzen - The City-State of Prosperity

Korean Ragnarok Online Zero Page:


Nestled in between canyons and mountain ranges, and the terrain around it is rough and rocky. Despite of this, the Rekenber Corporation still invested large sums of money to build and establish the city. The investment paid off, since now Lighthalzen is regarded as the commercial center of the Schwartzwald Republic.

The Regenschrim Laboratory

Also known as Somatology Laboratory or Biolabs, is a state-of-the-art research center located in Lighthalzen. Because of the Rekenber Corporation's generous contributions, no expense was spared in the creation of the laboratory.


Enables ninjas to advance into Kagerou (male ninja only) or Oboro (female ninja only)

11th Chronicle: Kunlun- The Enchanted Skyland

Coming Soon (


Famous as a tourist attraction for its beautiful scenery. In Kunlun, people believe in a unique religion, and the existence of a hermit who has absolute power over the limitations of Norman existence. The people believe that anyone can become a hermit, an absolute being. Thus they strive to improve their souls to that end.

The Shrine of Kunlun Queen

A shrine dedicated to the goddess Xi Wangmu.

12th Chronicle: Bitter Memories Long Forgotten: Old Glastheim Instance

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Old Glastheim Instance

A tribute to the events that happened in Glastheim's past.

13th Chronicle: Traces of Heroes Episode 1: The Faceworm Nest Instance

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Faceworm Nest Instance

Following the adventures of Chaos and Iris Irine, They face the dreaded faceworms and their mother enroute to returning back to Payon.

14th Chronicle: Traces of Heroes Episode 2: Sarah's Memory Instance

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Sarah's Memory Instance

We enter Sarah's Memory as she faces her father Doyen Irine and an army of the guards of Payon in battle.

15th Chronicle: The Memorial Legacy of the Legendary Hero of Midgard: Thanatos Tower

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Thanatos Tower

Aside from scarce historical documentation and spoken legends, very little is known about Thanatos Tower's Origin. The most widely accepted theory is that the tower was built to honor the legendary magic wielding swordsman Thanatos's victory over Demon King Morroc, an ancient demon that devastated the human world before the millennium war.

16th Chronicle: Traces of Heroes Episode 3: Geffen Night Arena

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Geffen Night Arena

Enter the Tournament held in Geffen, and win prizes as you emerge victorious

17th Chronicle: The Great Evil Rises again: The Demise of Morroc

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The Destruction of Morroc

Long ago, the Mage Knight Thanatos battled and sealed away the greater demon, Satan Morroc. Legend has it that the fallout from the battle destroyed the south eastern part of the Rune-Midgard Kingdom, creating what is now known as the Sograt Desert. In order to protect the seal and keep the demon locked away, the people of Rune-Midgard constructed a castle above the seal. Before long, buildings and tents were built around the castle, and this new-founded city took the name of the demon and was called "Morroc".

However, one thousand years have now passed, and Satan Morroc has awakened once again!

Morroc will never be the same again. All trace of the once great Desert-city has now disappeared, leaving only sorrow and destruction in its wake. The sacrifice of the heroes of old in sealing Midgard's most primal evil was put to waste.

Base Level Cap Increase to 130

18th Chronicle: Ayothaya - Land of the Unknown

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Rune-Midgardians were first attracted to Ayothaya for its shrines of gold and emerald, but later found themselves charmed by the quaint houses built just above the quiet waters, and the listlessly floating fishing boats selling fruit, fish, and the deliciously unique cuisine of Ayothaya.

Ancient Shrine

An old shrine originally built as a place of worship for the ancient Ayothayans. Over the years, the shrine fell into ruin and neglect and was eventually abandoned as monsters moved in.

19th Chronicle: The Moonlight Flower's Dream: Illusion of Moonlight

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Illusion of Moonlight

Venture into Payon's past and rediscover the events that transpired through time.

20th Chronicle: A New Challenge Awaits: Infinite Space

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Infinite Space

Venture into Infinite Space, climb 50 floors full of mobs and reap rewards

21st Chronicle: Center of the Freyjan Faith - Rachel: The Capital of the Arunafeltz States

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Rachel Sanctuary

Ice Dungeon

Base Level Cap Increase to 150

22nd Chronicle: Veins: The Canyon Village

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Thor's Volcano