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About Malangdo


A group of 5 islands in the shape of a cat paw that is inhabited almost solely by cats. It's a home for many different quests and game features.

To get to Malangdo pay 1,000z to Odgnalam in NE Izlude izlude180218.



Ambitious group of cats, calling themselves the 'Cat Hand Group', have set sail from their homeland in an attempt to make profit in a foreign land. It has been 26 days since their voyage and to their misfortune, they were caught in a storm.The ship's rudder, having been damaged in storm, have lost their functionality. Feeling helpless, the Cat Hand Group was left with no choice but to wait for the tides to calm, only to crash into an unknown reef. When the cats of the Cat Hand Group have regained their consciousness, they found themselves on an unfamiliar, peaceful island. Dazed by the recent events, the Cat Hand Group have quickly came to their senses upon sighting one of their ship, 'Nabeeho', on the middle of the island. Fortunately none of the cats were injured or missing, however all of the ships with the exception of Nabeeho have been wrecked and majority of their loaded goods have been lost. Stuck on an unknown island with no way of returning to their homeland, the Cat Hand Group have settled on the island and named their new home 'Malangdo'.


Aid these felines in their tasks at hand and be rewarded with 23525.png Sea God Crystal as a token of gratitude. The side quests must be done first before the dailies are unlocked.

Side Quests:

Daily Quests:


Specialties Shop malangdo162146
Cat spec shop.png
Sells a few things adventurers might need in their travels.
2873.png Cat's Hand Glove [1] for 100,000 zeny
12638.png Dried Squid Box for 50,000 zeny
12639.png Flying Fish Box for 50,000 zeny
12640.png Starfish Box for 50,000 zeny
Special Merchant malangdo146139
Cat glove enchanter.png
Will offer to upgrade 2873.png Cat's Hand Glove [1] for 23525.png 200 Sea God Crystal into either 28559.png Cat Hand Glove L [1] (Boosts drop rates by a max of 10%) or 28558.png Cat Hand Glove R [1] (Boosts Exp gained by a max of 5%)
Sea Cat and Sea God Box malangdo162146
Cat box.png
Uses up 23525.png 10 Sea God Crystal per try on the Sea God Box (the box in front of the Sea Cat Npc) and obtain random items:

Gears and Items


New gears and items await those who traverse the island's dungeons , the Starry Coral Area and its lower floor Deep Coral Area, or obtained from the catfolk using 23525.png Sea God Crystal (obtainable from the Sea God Box at random). These crystals are also given by the cats as you help them in their daily tasks. There are all Zero-exclusive gears and items.

32022.png Freezing Trident [1]
28760.png Golden Pocket Knife [1]
32224.png Gold Fish Accessory
32225.png Blue Fish Accessory
26157.png Blue Crystal Rod [1]
19408.png Mystic Frozen Charm
32226.png Frozen Glove
2873.png Cat Hand Glove [1]
28559.png Cat Hand Glove L [1]
28558.png Cat Hand Glove R [1]
23526.png Hairtail
23528.png Malang Snow Crab
23529.png Brindle Eel
23527.png Spearfish
23531.png Tuna
23530.png Saurel
28041.png Sandy Lake [1]
1332.png Octopus Axe [1]


Starry Coral Area

Starry coral area.png

Access the Malangdo Dungeon from Malangdo. Entrance is at malangdo73239.

Deep Coral Area

Deep Coral Area.png

The lower floor of the Starry Coral Area, which houses more powerful monsters.

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