Episode One - Part One

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Episode One - Part One
Base Level: None
Base Experience: 2.146.705
Job Experience: 997.750
Item(s): 10 Novice Magnifier, Royal Investigation Weapon Voucher, Beginner Metal Weapon Voucher, High Adventure Suit[1], High Adventurer Hood[1], High Adventurer Sandals[1], High Adventurer Clip[1], New Beginner Cutter[3], Sahario's Reward Box, Investigation Badge, Starter Armor Box, Novice Guard, Novice Tattered Novice Ninja Suit, Novice Slippers, Somber Novice Hood, Novice False Eggshell, 2 Challenge Drink, 2 Rapid Potion, 10 Spring Water of Mimir, 10 Power Drink, 10 Infinity Drink, 10 Life Insurance, 10 High Quality Meal, 10 Challenge Drink, 10 Rapid Potion

This is the new original questline to get you started in the world of Ragnarok Online. You can follow it for a complete walkthrough and to know what rewards you'll get.

Part 1

  1. Talk to Iris and Chaos to start the quest, they'll send you to get some equipment. payon170161
  2. Talk to Chaos and he'll give you the equipment and some Novice Magnifier to identify your newly acquired gear. payon147160
  3. After identifying and equiping your new gear, head to pay_fild01313342 and find Hanyang Hanul.
  4. Talk to the Archaeologist just above Hanul and he'll ask to gather research logs from the Poring nearby.
  5. After gathering the logs, return to the archaeologist and he'll warp you to the entrance of Payon Dungeon.
  6. Talk to the archaeologist again and after being teleported go to pay_dc01163142 and you'll be transferred to another area.
  7. Talk to the Unidentified Sword and then to the Silver Haired Girl(Sigrun).
  8. After being teleported out, talk to Sigrun once again. And talk once more with the Archaeologist. pay_arche45127
    • After reaching level 10, use the Starter Armor Box to get new gear
    • Trade the voucher you received for a new weapon at iz_ac019344
  9. Now head to Iris payon170161 and after talking to her, go to Izlude.
  10. Verito is at izlude148144 and after talking to him go find Shukern izlude121125.
    Verito.png Shukern.png
  11. He'll send you to Jacy's fiancee(Estalda) izlude46102
  12. Now head for Alberta and find Lushek alberta93131. He'll send you to Blacksmith Walter alberta4868.
    Lushek.png BS Walter.png
  13. Go collect the items for Walter by killing Willow and Fabre and come back to him afterwards.
  14. Return to Lushek now.
  15. Go to Prontera and head to the castle to talk the Royal Knight. prt_cas233160
    • Head to the room next to the knight to find Sahario.
  16. Go talk to the Culvert Guard prt_fild05274212 and gather the items required by killing Familiar and Thief Bug.
  17. Return to Sahario and deliver the items. prt_cas17992
  18. Head to prt_fild0230522 and kill 10 Stainer, after that go back to Sahario to receive a weapon voucher.
    • Talk to the Royal Armorer to trade the voucher for a new weapon.
    • After getting the new weapon talk to Sahario.
  19. Head to the pub to talk to the waiter. prt_in4429
    • Go to the spot next to the table. prt_in3823
    • Go back to Sahario.
  20. Find general Spiegel. prt_cas173262
    • To reach the basement go to the right past the general and walk towards the stairs. (There is no portal)
    General Spiegel.png
  21. Talk to the Royal Guard and proceed to kill 10 Zombie and then return to the guard.
    • Go help the survivors and then return to the guard.
    • Go burn the corspes and then return to the guard.
    • Hunt 10 Ghoul and go talk to General Spiegel. prt_ca0215740
    • Go kill a Furious Zombie prt_ca025745
    • Talk to the Romantist. prt_ca0210736
    • Go back to the General now.
  22. Talk to the general and then head to Sahario. prt_cas17992

This is the end of part one, you can click Episode One - Part Two to go to the next part and continue your epic adventure.