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About Louyang


Known as "The Castle of The Dragon". Louyang is a town done in the style of Ancient China and the first city for the Zero Global Project. It has a dungeon and one field map. To get to Louyang, you must pay the NPC at the Alberta docks 10,000 Zeny (alberta, 245,40). Louyang boasts vast fields and tall mountains. Beyond the grand northern walls of the field lies the glorious Castle of the Dragon, capital of Louyang. Majestic in its size and architecture, this city is guaranteed to awe any visitor (best viewed from Louyang’s sightseeing tower). However, deep beneath the beautiful Castle lies a dark crypt teeming with unspeakable horrors.


The world of Midgard welcomes a new land to be explored - Louyang, the Castle of the Dragon. Fashioned after ancient China, it now becomes the stage on which a chivalrous new tale will unfold. Far from the shores of Volsug, the brave adventurers discovered the land of Louyang. With its high mountains, vast fields, and the glorious Castle of the Dragon looming on the horizon, it wasn’t long before the adventurers were captivated by this foreign land’s mystique. Not only was the landscape spectacular, but the citizens were equally interesting. Here they discovered unique artworks, weapons, masterpieces, and products made by skilled native craftsmen; treasures not found in any other land. Rumors also speak of another kind of treasure, a treasure so vast that is was said to compare to the vaults of King Tristan III and those guarded by the Schwartzvald Republic

However foreigners weren’t welcome in Louyang. These people have a strong connection to their culture. The connection of the local folk was so strong that they ostracized outsiders in order to protect their way of life. The country of Louyang was headed by an Emperor who delegated the task of ruling the city’s regions to the federal government. The people of Louyang put their faith and loyalty in the Wu Lin. The Wu Lin is a martial arts school which acts as the unofficial government of Louyang. Since the Wu Lin does not collect taxes from the people nor compete with the rule of the Emperor, the federal government tolerates their existence. To the eyes of the common people, one’s fists are more powerful than any law and this belief strengthened Wu Lin’s influence and numbers.

The Legend of Bailong

Long before the Wu Lin was founded, Louyang was victim to frequent invasions by evil creatures. It was because of these vile monsters that a street knight named Bai Long used his strength and leadership to gather many of Louyang’s best warriors to form the Wu Lin. Bai Long’s leadership and the Wu Lin’s courageous efforts defeated the threat of the monster invasion. It was also through the valiant efforts of the Wu Lin that the city of Louyang prospered. Due to his abilities and bravery, Bai Long was made the leader of the people. Years passed and the glory of Bai Long’s youth faded. The peace enjoyed by Louyang slowly began to crumble. As Bai Long aged, many of the warrior schools began to fight with one another, each seeking to gain dominance over the others, and plotting to take Louyang from Bai Long. With dissention among the schools, monsters once again terrorize Louyang. Lamenting over the crumbling Wu Lin which was now fragmented by the selfishness and greed of the warring schools, Bai Long decided to open Louyang’s walls to the outsiders. So long as they were pure of heart and strong of will, Bai Long welcomed them into Louyang to help battle the fearsome monsters. The people welcomed these foreigners after recognizing the benefits of cultural exchange and foreign trade. They also needed these people to help fend off the creatures that constantly besieged them. However, not all are pleased with Bai Long’s decision. In hushed tones, many of the warrior schools and families of old still plot against Bai Long.

The story does not end here. It is merely a prelude of things to come. As a foreigner and an adventurer, it is YOUR adventure. You alone can decide what fate has in store for you in this new, mystic land!


Within the city of Louyang you will meet several interesting people. They would be willing to lend their wisdom and knowledge for a small favor or two. There are several quests that adventurers can do to help the people with their life in the city:

  • Royal Mausoleum Access Quest
    • In order to access the Royal Mausoleum you will have to finish this quest, it can be started at louyang42276
    • Finishing this quest unlocks 5 daily quests related to Louyang Dungeon
  • Shout Mountain Quest
    • In order to start this quest you will have to talk to the NPC at lou_fild01195177
    • This quest unlocks another daily quest
  • Doctor Quest
    • In order to start this quest you will have to talk to the NPC at lou_in0226569
    • Finishing this quest unlocks another daily quest
  • Poison King Quest
    • In order to start this quest you will have to talk to the NPC at lou_in0212339
  • Revolution Quest
    • This quest is a remake of the `Revolution Quest` it can be started at lou_fild01152146
  • Soup Quest
    • In order to start this quest you will have to talk to the NPC at lou_in0253174
  • New headgear quest

Dragon Castle Souvenirs - The Earth Dragon Weapons

Earth Dragon Stone English.png

Outside of the quests, the other draw for players to Louyang have to do with the Earth Dragon Weapons. These Earth Dragon Weapons will be part of the Regional Weapons Category, which will be specific per global city, they introduce the rerolling of options and have their own set of option tables.

The 25620.png Earth Dragon Stone can be exchanged at the NPC located at louyang119113. The NPC to roll and reroll options on the weapons is located at louyang207112.

Regional Weapons also introduce a new feature where you can roll & reroll the options on your item for a fee of 150,000 Zeny via purchasing a scroll. Rerolling an item doesn't affect its refine level nor socketed cards.

To roll and reroll options you will purchase an 23738.png Earth Dragon's Vision for the physical options or an 23739.png Earth Dragon's Secret for the magic options. Either scroll can be used for any of the Earth Dragon Weapons, the options are random and can either have 1 or 2 options available. There is no limit in rerolling the options for all the weapons.

The two possible option sets are Physical and Magic options. You can choose any to enchant to your desired weapon.

Monsters that drop the 25620.png Earth Dragon Stone:

Regional Weapons (aka The Earth Dragon Weapons):

21041.png Earth Dragon Greatsword
28034.png Earth Dragon Katar
28131.png Earth Dragon Two-Handed Axe
18172.png Earth Dragon Bow
26017.png Earth Dragon Lance
13488.png Earth Dragon Sword
28747.png Earth Dragon Dagger
26142.png Earth Dragon Staff
16083.png Earth Dragon Mace
26207.png Earth Dragon Book
1857.png Earth Dragon Fist
26208.png Earth Dragon Whip
32101.png Earth Dragon Guitar
28748.png Earth Dragon Asura


Louyang guide.jpg



  • City Hall (309,79)
  • Dragon Castle (218,254)
  • Doctor's Office (262,93)
  • Governor's House (134,245)
  • House (130,62)
  • Produce House (317,175)
  • Storage Building (125,120) & (129,120)
  • Tool Shop (137,98)
  • Tavern (280,166)
  • Weapon Shop (145,173)

Billboards and Signs



The Royal Mausoleum

Access the Louyang Dungeon from the top left part of Louyang. Which needs a small quest to be done before entry into the royal tomb