Doomed Swords Quest

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Doomed Swords Quest
Base Level: N/A
Item(s) (Consumed): 50 Amulet, 3 Necklace of Oblivion, 1 Old Hilt, 1 Foolishness of the Blind, 100 Ogre Tooth, 10 Blade Lost in Darkness, 5 Cursed Ruby, 1 Loki's Whispers, 1 Mother's Nightmare, 10 Bloody Edge, 2 Executioner's Mitten, 1 Young Twig
Item(s): 1 Doomed Mysteltainn -OR- 1 Doomed Grimtooth -OR- 1 Doomed Executioner

1. Talk to Harryburn in prontera. prontera209107

  • Select options "I'm interested" and "I'm really interested".

2. Go to Payon Field 02 and talk to Mysterious Man pay_fild0234102.

  • Select options "I heard you can make doomed swords." > "Who are you talking about?" > "I want to make a doomed sword" > "There's no medicine".

3. Go to Payon and talk to Denine. payon193259

4. Return to Mysterious Man (Noimi) and deliver medicine. pay_fild0234102

5. Talk to him again, sometimes he will not prompt you with an option, keep talking to him until he does.

6. Choose what weapon you'd like to craft:

13494.png Doomed Mysteltainn [2]

28758.png Doomed Grimtooth [2]

21048.png Doomed Executioner [2]