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The Drop System is the manner in which items from monsters are randomly "dropped" when that monster is killed. Each monster has a maximum of 8 items in their "Drop Table" which they can drop. Each item has separate rate at which it is dropped. For example, a card may drop at a rate of .02% but a more common item such as an Apple may have a drop rate of 25%. Several factors affect the rate at which items are dropped: Base drop rate of the item from that monster, server drop rates, the level difference between the player and monster, and the use of any items or skills by the player that affect drop rates (Cards, Bubble Gum, etc.).


When a monster is killed, the person who did the most damage to that monster has priority over others to pick up any items that dropped from it. For a period of time, only that player can pick up the items.

When in a Party using the item share option, items are distributed to all players in the party regardless of who picks them up, although the players doing the most damage to the monsters will get items more often than those who aren't. (Example: Player A picks up an item, but it is added to Player B's inventory).

Level Factor

When hunting monsters for loot, the player's level will have an impact on the drop rate of items from that monster. There is only a narrow range in which the item drop rate is the same as the server's drop rate setting.

  • Note: MVP reward items and their regular drops are speculated to be unaffected.
Difference in Base Level
Above/Below Monster Level
Drop Rate
From Monster
30 levels above monster or more 50%
+ 15 ~ 29 60%
+ 10 ~ 14 75%
+ 6 ~ 9 90%
+ 1 ~ 5 100%
Equal 100%
- 1 ~ 10 100%
- 11 ~ 13 75%
15 levels below monster or more 50%




[BaseDropRateMod] = floor[[BaseDropRate] * (100% + [VIP-DropRateBonus] + [GearDropRateBonus] + [ServerDropRateBonus] + [ItemDropRateBonus])]


[FinalDropRate] = [BaseDropRateMod] + 0.01% 


Card drop rate calculation, assuming a VIP player using HE Bubble Gum with no other bonus:

[BaseDropRate] = 0.01%

[VIP-DropRateBonus] = 100%

[GearDropRateBonus] = 0%

[ServerDropRateBonus] = 0%

[ItemDropRateBonus] = 200% (HE Bubble Gum)

The formula then yields:

BaseDropRateMod = floor [0.01% * (100% + 100% + 0% + 0% + 200%)] = floor [0.04%] = 0.04%
FinalDropRate = 0.04% + 0.01% = 0.05%


  • There is a cap of 90% drop chance on items boosted by anything except database edits. That means if an item has a 50% chance to drop and it receives a 300% bonus, it will still be capped at 90% instead of 100%.