Thor's Flame

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Thor's Flame is your refining buddy for going beyond the safe limit when refining your equipment and exchanging your excess mineral into random minerals.

Please refer to the Refinement System page for more information on how to refine.

Thor's Flame provides the following services:

  • Producing Special Upgrade Mineral
  • Random Mineral Exchange
  • Superior Refine Items


Thor's Flame is located at the refining area of each town. In Prontera you can find Thor's Flame at prontera175188.

Thor's Flame Prontera.png Thor's Flame Prontera Location.png

Producing Special Upgrade Mineral & Superior Refine Items

Special Upgrade Minerals & Superior Refine Items help with refining your gear. For more information on how they work, please refer to Breaking Protection and Enriched & HD Success Chances.

Special Upgrade Mineral Cost
25430.png 1 Mythril 25429.png 10 Mythril Ore
6291.png 1 Enriched Elunium 985.png 1 Elunium + 500,000z
6292.png 1 Enriched Oridecon 984.png 1 Oridecon + 500,000z
6241.png 1 HD Elunium 985.png 1 Enriched Elunium + 1,000,000z
6240.png 1 HD Oridecon 6292.png 1 Enriched Oridecon + 1,000,000z
6226.png 1 HD Bradium 6224.png 1 Bradium + 1,500,000z
6225.png 1 HD Carnium 6223.png 1 Carnium + 1,500,000z

NOTE: Superior Refine Items are CONSUMABLES.

Superior Refine Items Cost
100266.png 1 Random Refine Box 4,000,000 Zeny
100267.png 1 Blacksmith's Blessing Recipe 5,000,000 Zeny

Random Mineral Exchange

You can offer a set of minerals for a random chance at gaining an item. Any ONE item from the right column will be received.

Mineral(s) Offered Possible Random Materials
998.png 5 Iron
1002.png 5 Iron Ore
1010.png 2 Phracon
1011.png 1 Emveretarcon
998.png 1 Iron
757.png 1 Rough Elunium
756.png 1 Rough Oridecon
1003.png 1 Coal
999.png 5 Steel
1003.png 5 Coal
757.png 2 Rough Elunium
756.png 2 Rough Oridecon
985.png 3 Elunium
984.png 3 Oridecon
985.png 3 Elunium
984.png 3 Oridecon
990.png 3 Red Blood
991.png 3 Crystal Blue
992.png 3 Wind of Verdure
993.png 3 Green Live
994.png 1 Flame Heart
995.png 1 Mystic Frozen
996.png 1 Rough Wind
985.png 7 Elunium
984.png 7 Oridecon
718.png 1-2 Garnet
719.png 1-2 Amethyst
721.png 1-2 Emerald
722.png 1-2 Pearl
723.png 1-2 Ruby
725.png 1-2 Sardonyx
727.png 1-2 Opal
728.png 1-2 Topaz
729.png 1-2 Zircon
731.png 1-2 2 Carat Diamond
720.png 1-2 Aquamarine

Special Jewel Exchange

You can exchange 2 of one special jewel for one random jewel. Also has a chance to change into Gold or an Emperium Anvil.

Offer Special Jewels Rare Drops
TWO (2) of the same "Special Jewel" 7289.png 1 Olivine
7290.png 1 Phlogopite
7291.png 1 Agate
7292.png 1 Muscovite
7293.png 1 Rose Quartz
7294.png 1 Turquoise
7295.png 1 Citrine
7296.png 1 Pyroxene
989.png 1 Emperium Anvil
969.png 1 Gold