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In Ragnarok Project: Zero there's the Master Account feature in place. In short, it addresses the issue of having to make multiple accounts and/or having to share them with friends.

Master Account and Game Accounts

A Master Account consists of a single unified account which holds a player's game, forum, wiki accounts (and any future platform that may be added) under just one set of credentials.

Every user is allowed to hold ONE single master account for all of their accounts, in-which they can create an unlimited amount of game accounts, which won't have a password of their own. Instead, players will login in through our launcher using their Master Account, select any of their characters or game accounts and then they will be logged in automatically in-game.

Furthermore, Ragnarok Project: Zero's launcher has a "Remember me" option which keeps you logged in for a 30 days period before needing to login again.

Note - Using disposable emails risks the player's security and also hurts Ragnarok Project: Zero's mailing reputation. As such, and the staff won't provide ANY SORT OF SUPPORT IF A PLAYER LOSES THEIR ACCOUNT FOR ANY REASON RELATED TO USAGE OF DISPOSABLE EMAILS. While Ragnarok Project: Zero is actively blocking the usage of such email providers, the filters won't always be fully updated. Therefore, usage of such or any similar services will disqualify the player from any support.

Game Accounts

A "Game Account" is the account that holds your characters. Under a Master Account, players are able to create as many Game Accounts as they like.

In one game account only one character can be logged in, but multiple game accounts can be opened at once.

Guest Accounts

Guest Account tackle the issue with sharing accounts and the risks that come with it - chance of items being stolen, characters deleted, etc. -

The Guest Account system allows players to share specific game accounts for a period of time with specific permissions and restrictions.

Through the Control Panel, players can enable Guest Access for one specific game account:

  • Access the game account page
  • Select an account
  • Enable Guest Access
  • Choose the restrictions, time limit and password (different from the Master Account password)

Your friends will be able to access this game account through the Guest login tab in the launcher.