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The Kingdom Guild is low-to-mid level content that involves turn-in quests and special Kingdom equipment, meant to give you a head start in your Midgard journey. After you change to your first job, you will receive a quest that leads you to your guild's Coin Commissioner. Talk to them to get your first 2 Kingdom Guild Coins.


Kingdom Guild Coins


You receive Kingdom Guild Coins by doing turn-in quests for the various guilds across Rune-Midgard. These coins are then used to purchase Kingdom equipment as well as to enchant that equipment.


All Kingdom quests are turn-in quests where you turn in X amount of a certain item. Quests are broken into tiers: Base Level 1, Base Level 15, Base Level 31, and Base Level 41. There are some important things to note about quests:

  • You can repeat each quest as often as you want to get Base EXP.
  • The first turn in of the day for each quest grants a Daily Reward of Kingdom Guild Coins.
  • You also get an additional Daily Guild Reward for a quest if you turn in the quest at your respective Job Guild (i.e. Acolyte turns in at Prontera Church).
  • The Level 1 & Level 15 quests are specific to each Job Guild, but anyone can do them.
  • The 31+ & 41+ quests are shared between all Job Guilds.


Level 1-15 Class Quests

Level Daily Reward Daily Guild Reward Acolyte Archer Mage Merchant Thief Swordsman
1 25398.png 1 Kingdom Guild Coin 25398.png 1 Kingdom Guild Coin
11570.png 10 Red Potion
12325.png 5 Magnifier
22542.png 1 Concentration Potion
940.png 10 Grasshopper's Leg 921.png 10 Mushroom Spore 905.png 10 Stem 902.png 10 Tree Root 925.png 10 Bill of Birds 946.png 10 Snail's Shell
15 25398.png 2 Kingdom Guild Coin 25398.png 2 Kingdom Guild Coin
11569.png 10 Orange Potion
12325.png 5 Magnifier
22542.png 2 Concentration Potion
932.png 10 Skel-Bone 913.png 10 Tooth of Bat 924.png 10 Powder of Butterfly 906.png 10 Pointed Scale 904.png 10 Scorpion Tail 1016.png 10 Rat Tail

Level 31+ and 41+ Common Quests

Level Daily Reward Daily Guild Reward Quest #1 Quest #2 Quest #3 Quest #4 Quest #5
31+ 25398.png 3 Kingdom Guild Coin 25398.png 3 Kingdom Guild Coin
11565.png 10 White Potion
22542.png 2 Concentration Potion
931.png 20 Orcish Voucher 1026.png 20 Acorn 947.png 20 Horn 942.png 20 Yoyo Tail 960.png 20 Nipper
41+ 25398.png 4 Kingdom Guild Coin 25398.png 4 Kingdom Guild Coin
11565.png 20 White Potion
22544.png 1 Awakening Potion
1042.png 70 Bug Leg 1044.png 40 Zenorc's Fang 1020.png 80 Black Hair 1055.png 40 Earthworm Peeling 963.png 40 Sharp Scale

Daily Quest Explanation

If you turn in a quest at your respective Job Guild and its the first time you're turning in that quest that day, you get an additional reward. The reward you get depends on the level of the quest. Note that this also stacks with the extra Kingdom Guild Coin reward that you get on turning in a quest for a first time that day.

For example, if you are an Acolyte and you turn in the Grasshopper's Leg quest for the first time that day at the Prontera Church, you would get:

If you turn in the same quest again that day, you will only receive the Base EXP reward.

Gear Exchange


Kingdom Guild Coins can be exchanged for Kingdom equipment. The Kingdom equipment comes in sets of a Garment, Shoes, Armor, and Shield. You can get the entire set of the lowest tier (i.e. Level 1) equipment for 2 Guild Coin. Equipment tiers can be divided by the base level requirement to wear that gear. Thus, there are 6 tiers of gear.

Levels 1, 20, 30 are considered low-tier equipment while levels 40, 50, and 60 are considered high-tier. Each set gives certain bonuses, and high-tier equipment has total refine bonuses as well. The Kingdom Guild Coin cost of each piece of equipment increases as you go up the tiers. So, a Level 1 piece of equipment costs 1 Kingdom Guild Coin, and a Level 60 piece costs 24 Kingdom Guild Coin.

Lower tier

Level Costs All Except Novice Acolyte Archer Mage Merchant Thief Swordsman
1 25398.png 1 Kingdom Guild Coin 15231.png Lesser Simple Suit [1]
22161.png Lesser Simple Shoes [1]
28934.png Lesser Simple Guard [1]
20890.png Lesser Service Cloak [1] 20881.png Lesser Forest Cloak [1] 20887.png Lesser Sage Cloak [1] 20884.png Lesser Trader's Cloak [1] 20878.png Lesser Desert Cloak [1] 20893.png Lesser Courage Cloak [1]
20 25398.png 2 Kingdom Guild Coin 15232.png Medium Simple Suit [1]
22162.png Medium Simple Shoes [1]
28935.png Medium Simple Guard [1]
20891.png Medium Service Cloak [1] 20882.png Medium Forest Cloak [1] 20888.png Medium Sage Cloak [1] 20885.png Medium Trader's Cloak [1] 20879.png Medium Desert Cloak [1] 20894.png Medium Courage Cloak [1]
30 25398.png 4 Kingdom Guild Coin 15233.png Greater Simple Suit [1]
22163.png Greater Simple Shoes [1]
28936.png Greater Simple Guard [1]
20892.png Greater Service Cloak [1] 20883.png Greater Forest Cloak [1] 20889.png Greater Sage Cloak [1] 20886.png Greater Trader's Cloak [1] 20880.png Greater Desert Cloak [1] 20895.png Greater Courage Cloak [1]

Higher tier

Level Costs Gear Set
40 25398.png 5 Kingdom Guild Coin 15234.png Lesser Kingdom Suit [1]
22164.png Lesser Kingdom Boots [1]
28937.png Lesser Kingdom Shield [1]
20896.png Lesser Kingdom Manteau [1]
50 25398.png 12 Kingdom Guild Coin 15235.png Medium Kingdom Suit [1]
22165.png Medium Kingdom Boots [1]
28938.png Medium Kingdom Shield [1]
20897.png Medium Kingdom Manteau [1]
60 25398.png 24 Kingdom Guild Coin 15236.png Greater Kingdom Suit [1]
22166.png Greater Kingdom Boots [1]
28939.png Greater Kingdom Shield [1]
20898.png Greater Kingdom Manteau [1]


Each piece of Kingdom equipment can be enchanted once.

  • It costs 25398.png 1 Kingdom Guild Coin to enchant a piece of equipment.
  • Resetting an enchantment also costs 25398.png 1 Kingdom Guild Coin.
  • There is no chance of breaking, and the enchant always succeeds.

Low-tier Enchanting


The low-tier equipment enchanting NPC is with the other Kingdom Guild NPCs. Each Job Guild's low-tier enchanting NPC will add +1 of a specific stat to the piece of equipment you select. Any class can use any enchanting NPC at any Job Guild. For example, an Acolyte can go to the Archer Guild to enchant a low-tier garment with +1 DEX.

Job Guild Enchant
Archer +1 DEX
Acolyte +1 VIT
Mage +1 INT
Swordsman +1 STR
Thief +1 AGI
Merchant +1 LUK

High-tier Enchanting

Senior kingdom guild enchanter.jpg

High-tier equipment can be enchanted in Prontera Castle by the Senior Guild Enchanter prt_castle11950. Note that high-tier equipment can not be enchanted by the low-tier enchanter NPCs. Unlike the low-tier equipment, the high-tier equipment is a random +1 - +3 of a random stat. The higher the tier, the better chance you have of getting a higher stat enchant. The cost to enchant (or reset) a high-tier piece of equipment is still only 25398.png 1 Kingdom Guild Coin.

Enchant (random stat, random amount)
1 ~ 3 DEX
1 ~ 3 VIT
1 ~ 3 INT
1 ~ 3 STR
1 ~ 3 AGI
1 ~ 3 LUK