Card Desocketing

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Card Desocketing is a way for players to remove slotted cards from their equipment.

How to Remove Cards

Cards can be removed from their items by Hunky Fairy paramk30164 in Prontera.
The success rate is 100% and there is no chance of losing your Gears and Cards or Enchants.


To remove your cards you will have to provide an amount of Zeny and 9100000.png Daily Coins. The formula used to calculate the amount is:

Zeny = Sum of cards price × Refine Level of your gear.

Daily Coin = Amount of Cards × 3 9100000.png Daily Coins.

These are the prices of the various type of cards:

Type of Card Price
Normal 3.000.000z
Miniboss 7.000.000z
Boss 10.000.000z