Card Desocketing

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Card Desocketing is a way for players to remove slotted cards from their equipment.

How to Desocket Cards


Cards can be desocketed from their items by Richard malangdo220160 in Malangdo. When an item desocket fails, the card remains in the item and neither are destroyed.

  1. When an item is desocketed successfully, you get both the item and the card back intact.
  2. Any piece of equipment can be desocketed, including accessories and middle headgear.
  3. All enchantments are preserved in the card desocketing process, e.g. Darklord Essence. If the gear happens to be enchantable and resetting them is an option, doing an enchant reset will remove the Darklord Essence.

Richard's desocketing service can be paid for in one of four different ways:

  1. 1,000,000 zeny is the basic service fee, but has a high chance of failure.
  2. General Lubricant can be used to raise the chances of a successful desocketing.
  3. High Rank Lubricant can be used for an even greater chance of desocketing success.
  4. Silit Pong is the best lubricant on the market, and is reserved for MVP cards - 100% success guaranteed!

Decarding Rates [1][2]

Lubricants Desocket Rate Save
Equipment Card Refine
Zeny 5% 100% 100% 100%
General Lubricant 40%
High Ranked Lubricant 80%
Silit Pong 100%


Lubricants help ease the separation between the item and its card. They can be purchased from the Special Vending Machine malangdo218165 in Malangdo for the following exchange rates:

Lubricant Amount of
6417.png Silvervine Fruit
6440.png General Lubricant
6441.png High Ranked Lubricant
6443.png Silit Pong Bottle

Silvervine Fruits can be purchased from the Cash Shop in Silvervine Boxes. The boxes are able to be traded and vended, but not the fruits themselves.