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With the addition of the cooking system, players can cook up various combinations of items to boost their stats temporarily. When a cooking item is eaten, HP and SP are recovered by a certain amount and stats increase by a certain amount. The higher the grade of cooking item consumed, the greater the stat boost. When consumed, stats will increase for 20 minutes, and stack with existing support skills (such as Blessing, Increase AGI, etc). They do not stack however with the food buff High Quality Meal.

If several food items of the same type (Stat) are consumed, the highest level one takes precedence. Therefore, if a lower level food item is consumed while a higher level one is active, the low level one is ignored.

To make cooking items, a cooking kit is needed. The better it is, the higher the success to create an item. A cookbook (the recipes) of the correct level is also needed. Recipes exist for level 1-10 cooking items. The required items as listed in the recipe must also be obtained.

Bonus from cooked food (and item mall food depending on server) is lost if a character dies while still under the effects of the food item.

When the cooking kit is double clicked, it will bring up a list of possible dishes that can be created with the items and recipes (cookbooks) in a player's inventory. However just like the blacksmith hammer during weapon creation, the cooking kit is consumed during cooking. Success rate is affected by DEX and LUK, also higher level of recipes decreases success rate, the cooking set used will also affect success rate, and finally the more food you cook will give a small boost in success rate.


Base Level: 50
Item(s) (Consumed): Food Creation Items
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 1 Chef Hat (Must be able to equip it)
Quest Reward(s): Access to level 1-5 Cookbooks
Purchasable Outdoor/Home Cooking Kits

1. Enter the Prontera castle (located top center prontera). Inside, go forward into the main banquet hall and head north west through a passage to the kitchen, in there you should find many chefs on the left and 3 NPCs, "Charles Orleans", "Girl holding a cat", and "Madeleine Chu" on the right.

Madeleine Chu will give you the quest. Charles Orleans will teach you about cooking your first food. Once you complete the quest, Chu will sell you cooking kits and Orleans will lend you cooking manuals.

  1. Talk to Madeleine Chu prt_cas329206.
    • Out of the three options it gives you, chose "I want to learn how to be a cook". Madeleine will ask you to speak to her master. In order to show your enthusiasm, you will be asked to wear a Chef Hat.
  2. Wearing the chef hat, talk to Charles. After talking to him, he will chose a random level 1 food to make. He'll tell you the ingredients for this food, and you'll need to bring them to him.
  3. After bringing him the required items, you'll make your first food item together. Unlike with normal food creation, this attempt will always succeed. He'll give you the food item that was created. You may use or vend it, but you should hold onto it for later use in this quest.
  4. After you're done making the food, return to Madeleine. Madeleine will let you have his copy of the Level 1 Cookbook, and give you 10 Outdoor Cooking Sets.
    • Note: Players are advised to keep this copy of cookbook safe. Because Charles Orleans will only exchange books 2-5 only if you return the previous borrowed cookbooks.
  5. Now that you have a Level 1 Cookbook, you'll be able to make food items on your own now. Madeleine will sell you Outdoor Cooking Sets for 500z, but still won't sell you any Home Cooking Sets.
  6. This time, you will need to ask them if they want to see your cooking. You will be asked to create one of each kind of level 1 food (Look in your cookbook for recipes). A set of ingredients to attempt every item in cookbook 1 includes:
    • 5 grasshopper's leg
    • 3 old frying pan
    • 2 cooking oil
    • 10 nipper
    • 10 green herb
    • 1 yellow potion
    • 5 grape
    • 3 red potion
    • 1 honey
    • 10 spawn
    • 1 squid ink
    • 1 bag of grain
    • 5 yoyo tail.
    If the attempt to create food is unsuccessful, more ingredients will be needed to re-attempt those foods.
  7. Once you're done, bring Madeleine your foods that you've made. You can use the one you created with Charles as one of these foods. Madeleine will package these foods in a "Bundle of Food", and you'll need to bring it to her friend Chulsoo in Payon.
  8. Deliver the bundle of food to Servant (Chulsoo) in Payon (208, 127), and select the option "Actually, Madeleine sent me...". Doing this quest will close off the other options presented by Chulsoo and they will no longer be accessible. Therefore, you may choose to try Chulsoo's other options before selecting the Madeleine option.
  9. Return to the Prontera cooks. Madeleine will give you 10 Home Cooking Sets. At this point, Madeleine will allow you to buy Home Cooking Sets for 1000z. They're a bit pricier than regular cooking sets, but the higher success rate makes them more useful.
  10. Talk to Charles once again. Charles will now let you swap his cookbooks with your L1~L5 if you help him with some items he needs:
    Note: Charles will only talk to you if you have chef hat equipped.

The quest is complete at this point. If you want access to higher level sets or cookbooks, you'll have to find them from monsters.


Ingredients in green can be purchased from NPCs.








Cooking Kits

Cooking Kit - Obtained via


After completion of the cooking quest, the Level 1-5 cookbooks can be obtained by trading some food items and trading in the last cookbook given to you with "Charles Orleans" located in Prontera castle. The following is a list of the required items needed for "Charles Orleans" to give you a cookbook.

NPC Obtainable

Cookbooks for Level 6-10 recipes are dropped only by monsters. These items are not sold in shops.

Monster Dropped

Buyable Ingredients

Location - Items Sold and Prices

Alberta (167, 135) - Fresh Fish 250z

Aldebaran (165, 107) - Red Spice 1000z, Yellow Spice 1000z, Bread 150z

Amatsu (206, 150) - Sweet Sauce 700z, Fresh Fish 250z

Ayothaya (203, 178) - Spicy Sauce 700z, Bag of Grain 200z, Shrimp 550z[1], Red Chile 66z[2]

Comodo (225, 164) - Spicy Sauce 700z, Sweet Sauce 700z, Savory Sauce 700z, Fresh Fish 250z

Einbroch (224, 207) - Cooking Oil 500z

Geffen (196, 111) - Pot 200z

Hugel (77, 167) - Mastela Fruit 8500z

Juno (130, 173) - Cooking Oil 500z, Pot 200z

Kunlun (147, 101) - Yellow Spice 1000z, Bread 150z

Lighthalzen (126, 126) - Red Spice 1000z, Yellow Spice 1000z

Louyang (256, 123) - Savory Sauce 700z, Bag of Grain 200z

Lutie (102, 154) - Cooking Oil 500z, Bag of Grain 200z

Morroc Ruins (115, 123) - Spicy Sauce 700z, Sweet Sauce 700z, Savory Sauce 700z, Red Spice 1000z, Yellow Spice 1000z

Morroc Ruins (87, 109) - Meat 50z

Morroc Ruins (90, 149) - Banana 15z

Nifflheim (209, 180) - Edible Mushroom 40z

Nifflheim (219, 198) - Jack O Pumpkin 374z, Pumpkin 15z, Memento 600z

Payon (206, 119) - Spicy Sauce 700z

Prontera (156, 212) - Savory Sauce 700z, Red Spice 1000z, Pot 200z, Bread 150z

Prontera (64, 125) - Meat 50z

Prontera (104, 49) - Apple 15z, Banana 15z

Prontera (73, 134) - Milk 25z

Prontera (48, 58) - Carrot 15z, Potato 15z, Pumpkin 15z

Prontera (105, 87) - China 1000z

Prontera Castle - Outdoor Cooking Kit 500z, Home Cooking Kit 1000z

Umbala (102, 154) - Red Spice 1000z, Bag of Grain 200z


  1. Shrimp can be purchased in quantities of 20 by characters doing the Tom Yung Goong Quest as long as the character does not advance past step 3.
  2. Red Chile can be purchased in quantities of 30 by characters doing the Tom Yung Goong Quest as long as the character does not advance past step 5.