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An ASPD potion increases your ASPD for 30 minutes. The ASPD increase depends on the user's AGI. A potion becomes more effective if your AGI is high. The ASPD increase can be calculated from a potion's PotionModifier:

ASPD Increase = PotionModifier * AGI / 200

See the ASPD page for the complete ASPD calculation.

Level PotionModifier Potion Name Required B. Level
1 4
645.png Concentration
2 6
656.png Awakening
3 9
657.png Berserk


Class \ Lv. of Usability
Level 1 2 3
Novice X
1st Class
Swordman X X X
Mage X X
Archer X X
Merchant X X X
Thief X X
Acolyte X
2-1 Class
Knight X X X
Wizard X X X
Hunter X X
Blacksmith X X X
Assassin X X [1]
Priest X
2-2 Class
Crusader X X X
Sage X X
Bard/Dancer X
Alchemist X X X
Rogue X X X
Monk X X


  1. The Transcendent form of Assassins, the Assassin Cross, can drink Poison Bottles, which have almost the same effect as Berserk Potions, but lasts only 60 seconds.