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About Geffen

Geffen is the city of magic. It is home to the Mage and Wizard guilds. Its most prominent feature is the looming Geffen tower, in the middle of town.


Geffen is located on the west side of the Mt. Mjolnir range. Word has it that the city was built by great Wizards of the past as they believed and in magic. The Wizard Magic Academy is located at the center and the Mage Guild is located on the outskirts of the city. It is an ideal place to gather all different sorts of magic equipment. Even until now, the city`s lights are always on as there are many who research and develop more magic. It is also near the Glast Heim Castle where it is said to have housed gods a long time ago.



  • The Tool Shop location listed here is incorrect. The correct building is at the lower left corner.
  • The Blacksmith guild has moved to Einbroch.

Geffen guide.jpg



  • 1 - Forge Shop (180,61)
  • 2 - Geffen Tower (120,113)
  • 3 - Inn (170,172)
  • 4 - Magic Academy (64,177)
  • 5 - Pub (137,137)
  • 6 - Tool Shop (45,87)
  • 7 - Weapon Shop (100,139)

Billboards and Signs

  • Bulletin Board - Geffen: The City of Magic (124,65) - Gives background information on Geffen
  • Geffen Bulletin (116,58) - Flavor Text
  • Sign (61,174) - Flavor Text
  • Sign (183,61) - Flavor Text
  • Sign (168,175) - Flavor Text
  • Billboard (113,104) - Flavor Text
  • Sign Post (119,190) - Gives general directions

Guild Flags

  • Repherion Guild Flag (109,123)
  • Eeyorbriggar Guild Flag (112,129)
  • Yesnelph Guild Flag (120,132)
  • Bergel Guild Flag (127,130)
  • Mersetzdeitz Guild Flag (131,123)


Geffen Tower Dungeon

A medium-sized dungeon of four maps lies below Geffen. It can be accessed by going down the stairs in Geffen Tower, in the center of the city

Glast Heim

Known as the Forbidden City, Glast Heim is located (-7,2) on the world map, one world map square north and three squares west of Geffen. Consisting of a massive sixteen maps, it is the largest dungeon in the game. Based off the Norse Mythology: Glaðsheimr. If Cool Corp. has won the Dungeon Teleport Election, then Cool Corp. employees can teleport you to the entrance.

Map DB Link: Glast Heim

See Glast Heim for more information.

Mt. Mjolnir Dead Pit

The Mt. Mjolnir Dead Pit is an abandoned mine dungeon located to the northeast of Geffen. The entrance to the Dead Pit is located in the northwest corner of Mt. Mjolnir 02.

See Mt. Mjolnir Dead Pit for more information.

Orc Dungeon

A small dungeon several maps South of Geffen that is rabidly infested with undead Orcs. It is located in the Northwest corner of (-4,-1) on the world map. There is also a second entrance (which leads to Level B2 of the Orc Dungeon) slightly North-East of the center of the same map.