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About Morroc

Morroc is the desert town, located next to the Pyramids and Sphinx. It is (basically) home to the Thief guild.


Ant Hell

Ant Hell is a popular dungeon for new players and characters, due to the eggs not attacking back. To access Ant Hell:

  1. From Morroc, walk one map south (down).
  2. Talk to the NPC at the portal on the left side.
  3. Choose "I'm going there" and you will be able to enter the next map. This will take you to Fortress St. Darmian (Fortress Sandaruman in some translations).
  4. Enter Ant Hell by either entering the "hole" from the top right or from the bottom right.
  5. You can also enter Ant Hell 2 by going through a similar "hole" at the bottom of the map.


The Sphinx is located one map to the west (left) of Morroc.


The Pyramid is located on the northwest (top left) of Morroc. The portal on the top left of Morroc will take the player directly there, instead of having to move two maps like when traveling diagonally on most maps.