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About Izlude

Izlude, the satellite town of Prontera, sits on the eastern edge of the Rune-Midgarts kingdom. Being a port, it features trade and travel routes by air and sea. The marina on the northeastern side of the town offers passage to the trade city of Alberta and to Byalan Island, where adventurers can venture into the Undersea Tunnel dungeon. There are also Kafra services available, for storage and warping to Prontera. Izlude offers several services for adventurers. Recently, the Royal Criatura Academy has established itself on the northern side of the town. It offers new adventurers opportunities to train in various skills, discover jobs available to them, and to learn about the world. The Swordsman association resides on the western side of the town, for those adventurers who are looking to hone their skills and become Swordsmen themselves.


As Prontera's population started swelling, overpopulation became a concern for its citizens. Watcing space become more limited and a need for increased defense grow, officials decided to build the satellite town Izlude. It would help bolster the city's defenses and provide its citizens more room to grow. The Swordsman association, once within the city's walls, relocated itself to Izlude once the town was established. Many citizens moved and the town began to flourish. Its strategic location gave Prontera access to a port, increasing possibilities for trade and transportation. Since then, various new features have been added to the town, including the Izlude Arena, the Royal Criatura Academy, and the airship dock.


Izlude sep2013.png



  • 1 - Arena (213,161) ---- see Izlude Arena for details
  • 2 - Swordsman Guild (52,172)
  • 3 - Criatura Academy (128,257)
  • 4 - General Shop (110,182)

Billboards and Signs

  • Bulletin Board - Izlude: The Satellite City (131,116) - Gives background information on Izlude
  • Sign (144,148) - Flavor Text
  • Sign (54,139) - Flavor Text


Undersea Dungeon

For more information, please see the Undersea Tunnel article.