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Discount.png Discount
Discount Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 10
(Merchant & Super Novice) Enlarge Weight Limit Lv. 3

Discount (Alt: Discount) is a 1st class passive skill available as Merchant and Super Novice.


Allows to purchase items from NPC shops at lower prices.

Level Discount Rate
1 7%
2 9%
3 11%
4 13%
5 15%
6 17%
7 19%
8 21%
9 23%
10 24%


  • Some players may choose to leave this skill at Level 9, as going from Level 9 to 10 offers the smallest increment in discount percentage (1%).


  • Purchase commonly needed items with Discount then vend them to players. For example: Purchase Red Potions with Level 10 Discount for 38z each, then sell them in your shop for 40z each. This is 10z cheaper than regular store price.
  • Offer to purchase equipment for beginning players at a lower price, as new players are often poor. For example: Purchase a Bastard Sword with Level 10 Discount for 17,100z, then sell it to the player for 20,000z. This is 2,500z cheaper than regular store price.


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