Fire Wall

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Fire Wall.png Fire Wall
Fire Wall Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10
SP Cost: 40
Cast Time: 2 seconds ~ 0.7 seconds
Duration: (Skill Level + 4) seconds
(Skill Level + 2) hits
Target: Ground
Range: Magic
Knock Back: 2 cells
Area of Effect: 1x3
Property: Fire
(Mage & Super Novice) Fire Ball Lv. 5, Sight Lv. 1

Fire Wall (Alt: Fire Wall) is a 1st class offensive skill available as a Mage.


Creates a wall of flame on a targeted location that will inflict 50% Fire property magic damage and push enemies two cells backwards upon contact.

Level Cast Time Duration Hit Limit
1 2.00s 5s 3
2 1.80s 6s 4
3 1.60s 7s 5
4 1.40s 8s 6
5 1.20s 9s 7
6 1.10s 10s 8
7 1.00s 11s 9
8 0.90s 12s 10
9 0.80s 13s 11
10 0.70s 14s 12


  • A maximum of three fire walls can be created before the first one expires.
  • This skill hits at a very high rate of attack: approximately 40 to 50 times per second. Be aware that if there is any significant lag, fast-moving enemies can pass through fire walls without being hit.
  • If the user is incapacitated (Stunned, Frozen, Petrified), then this skill will not process attacks.
  • Boss monsters are not pushed back by this skill. However, they must take all hits in a fire wall cell before they can proceed.
  • Fire walls are aligned such that they are generally perpendicular to a line formed by the caster and the cast point, with the center cell being on the cast point. Fire walls with the caster's position as the cast point are aligned north-south on the map.
  • Immobile enemies, when hit by this skill, will be pushed southward.


  • Since Undead property entities are neither blocked nor pushed back by this skill, they may pass through any active cell before it has delivered all its hits. Quagmire may be used to slow down fast-moving Undead property enemies so that more hits are inflicted.


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