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About Eclage Town


Eclage is a town in the New World. It was created by the Laphine Fairies to serve as their main base of operations in their former fight against the giants of Jotunheim. The same fairies also founded the fairy village of Splendide which is separated from Eclage by the Hazy Forest labyrinth. As in Splendide, the fairies love nature, and constructed Eclage around a giant tree.

How to Get There

There are three typical ways. One is to save a warp outside a location convenient to Eclage. The 2nd is to go to Mora Village and use the NPC outside of its east entrance to warp to Eclage's entrance. The 3rd is to walk there through the Hazy Forest which everyone will say is the hardest and slowest method by far.

In order to get to Eclage. Exit through the east entrance in Mora and speak to the cat hands NPC there to warp you "Near Eclage" for either 15,000 zeny or cat cans (he also teleports near Splendine).

See Eclage Entrance Quest to get access to the town.

Points of Interest in Eclage

Building Locations

Clinic ecl_in0216456: You can save your respawn location to Eclage at the Clinic. Note carefully that there is no Kafra or Cool Event Corporation NPC to warp you out, but there is an NPC outside of Eclage to warp out. It is similar to a Midgardian inn in that you can also rest there to recover your HP/SP. The Clinic is accessed by taking an exit warp from inside the Palace.

Palace: The Palace is at the north end of Eclage. Because Eclage is build around a giant tree, some parts of the Palace such as the east and west wings will need you to go outside the palace in order to move to another level of the great tree.

Interdimensional Device

Eci InterdimensionalDevice.png

Dimensional Travel in inside plaza (38,98)

Added EP14.3
You can teleport Flame Basin. (use prerequisite : Dimensional Travel)

Costume Maker

Main article: Eclage Costume Maker

Inside Eclage there is an npc that can make costume version of existing headgears

Eclage Glove

Glove Seller

Eci ArmorMerchantNaphara.png

Armor Merchant Naphara (66,95) in inside plaza

Glove can exchange by 10 6081.png Splendide Coin.

Glove Slot Enchant

Eci SlotExpertNattuer.png

Slot Expert Nattuer (64,97) in inside plaza

Break glove if failed enchant.
Success rate are 3%

New Herb

Eci HerbMerchantPlafina.png

Herb Merchant Plafina (33,98) in inside plaza

1 herb's price are 5 6081.png Splendide Coin



Bifrost Tower

Bifrost Tower has high level monsters and has several floors.