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About Juno


Juno is the floating capital city of the Republic of Schwarzwald and contains three islands: the glorious island Solomon (north), island of intelligence Snotora (east), and island of prosperity Mineta (center).



Many come to research the strange powers and ancient civilization. As such, Juno is called the `City of the Wise One` for this reason and is the location of the Sage Headquarters. Located in the air above El Mes Plateau, Juno is a floating city with three islands. The `Heart of Ymir` is what allows this land to exist. Many come to research the strange powers and ancient civilization. Juno is called the `City of the Wise One` for this reason. Juno is located above the El Mes Plateau, which is north of Al De Baran. Currently, the airship which used to provide transportation between Izlude and Juno is operating, so adventurers that wish to go to this land no longer have to climb through the rough land of the El Mes Plateau. In Juno, there is a tradition in which the 3 best Sages are chosen to represent each of Juno's islands. The current Sages are: Yklah (Sage of Mineta), Syklah (Sage of Snotora) and Esklah (Sage of Solomon).


Side Quests:

  • Reforming Metto
    • Stop Metto from doing his research and you will be rewarded for your efforts.
  • Juperos Quest
    • This grants access to Juperos Core or the 3rd Floor of Juperos Ruins, this quest must be done every time you would wish to step inside of Juperos Core.

Daily Quests:

See the Regional Quests page for all of the daily, repeatable quests.

  • Praying For Rain
  • Keeping the Academy Safe
  • Adventurer's Poem
  • Border Checkpoint Work
  • Finish them Off
  • Cheating During Training
  • Mother's Lunchbox
  • Magma Dungeon Kill Quests

New Droppable Equipment

With Juno brings new zero-specific equipment that drops from various monsters throughout the region. Below is a list of these items.

18181.png Hellfire Bow [1]
19398.png Falcon Feather
32220.png Falcon Claw
16091.png Hellfire Mace [1]
26153.png Holyfire Staff [1]
19399.png Grand Peco Headband [1]
19400.png Sleeper Hat [1]
28757.png Blazing Dagger [1]
26022.png Burning Nightmare [1]
28952.png Alloy Shield [1]
28756.png Ninja's Excalibur [1]
13344.png Huuma Ebony [1]
32020.png Piercing Spear [1]
1863.png Nippy Claw [1]
16090.png Meteor Hammer [1]


Magma Dungeon


Magma Dungeon, also known as Nogg Road, is located one south and one east of Juno. The name of the dungeon suggest that mostly Fire Property monsters house the area.

Magma Dungeon Level 3: Fever Area

The 3rd floor of magma dungeon hosts more powerful monsters within its heated depths. The new challenge will also introduce new items and gears that will help adventurers.

The monsters of this area are the souped up versions of the monsters from the 1st and 2nd floors. They will all have chances of dropping 25727.png Lava Ore. Gather 30 of these and use a 23814.png Lava Ore Extractor to create 25429.png Mythril Ore. Doing this also gives a low chance to drop 23815.png Lava Essence.

Lava Essences are used to re-roll options for the 3 body armors: 15378.png Lava Leather Armor [1], 15379.png Lava Leather Suits [1], 15380.png Lava Leather Robe [1]. They will grant 2~3 options at random from the fever armor option table. * Random_Options#Fever Armor Options

The equipment listed below can all be found in the 3rd Floor of Magma Dungeon:

15378.png Lava Leather Armor [1]
15379.png Lava Leather Suits [1]
15380.png Lava Leather Robe [1]
20935.png Lava Leather Manteau [1]
20936.png Lava Leather Muffler [1]
20937.png Lava Leather Hood [1]
22199.png Lava Leather Boots [1]
22200.png Lava Leather Shoes [1]
22201.png Lava Leather Sandals [1]

Juperos Ruins


Underneath El Mes Plateau lies the ruins of the city of Juperos, an ancient but highly advanced civilization. Juperos is well protected by automated guards and security devices to prevent unauthorized entry to prohibited areas. Although many of Juno's Scholars have their own speculations on the cause of the fall of such a technologically advanced race, no one is really sure what went wrong. One of the most popular theories is that Vesper Newton, a mad scientist conducting experiments with the famed Heart of Ymir has something to do with it.

Memory of Lovers and Vesper Core Crafting Quest

Talk to Root Jay yuno_in04180111, and he will ask for 25718.png Vesper's Memory. In exchange you will receive Vesper Cores. For 1 Vesper's Memory, you are given 1 random core. For 3 Vesper's Memory, you will be able to choose the core you want. For a Memory of Lovers headgear, Root Jay requires 50 25718.png Vesper's Memory, 1 994.png Flame Heart and 10 4369.png Venatu Card.

Here is the list for the Vesper Related Equipment:

19392.png Memory of Lovers
32211.png Vesper Core 1 [1]
32212.png Vesper Core 2 [1]
32213.png Vesper Core 3 [1]
32214.png Vesper Core 4 [1]
32215.png Vesper Gear 1 [1]
32216.png Vesper Gear 2 [1]
32217.png Vesper Gear 3 [1]
32218.png Vesper Gear 4 [1]