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General Overview

Accessories are are items which are usually slotted. Most are not sold by NPCs. Accessories usually give little to no DEF. Accessories cannot be upgraded.

For a list of accessory recommendations, please check the Equipment Accessories section.

Accessories List

Accessory Class Req. Lvl Notes
2627.png Belt [1]
All 25 Sold by NPC (20,000z)
2628.png Novice Armlet [1]
Novices only Sold by NPC (400z) - Essentially a Belt without level limit, but usable only by novices
2609.png Skull Ring [0]
All NPC Sell value of 5,000z
2715.png Skull Ring [1]
Undead resistance +1%
2658.png Nile Rose [1]
All HP+10
2607.png Clip [1]
All SP+10 With Spiritual Ring: SP Regen+9%, +30% ME and Heal on Undead element
2608.png Rosary [0]
All except Novices 20 MDEF+5, LUK+2
Sold by NPC (15,000z)
2626.png Rosary [1]
All except Novices 90 MDEF+3, LUK+1
2618.png Matyr's Leash
All except Novices 35 DEF+1, AGI+1
2605.png Brooch [0]
All except Novices 20 AGI+2
2625.png Brooch [1]
All except Novices 90 AGI+1
2617.png Celebrant's Mitten
All except Novices 35 DEF+1, INT+1
2602.png Earring [0]
All except Novices 20 INT+2
2622.png Earring [1]
All except Novices 90 INT+1
2604.png Glove [0]
All except Novices 20 DEX+2
2624.png Glove [1]
All except Novices 90 DEX+1
2603.png Necklace [0]
All except Novices 20 VIT+2
2623.png Necklace [1]
All except Novices 90 VIT+1
2601.png Ring [0]
All except Novices 20 STR+2
2621.png Ring [1]
All except Novices 90 STR+1
2616.png Critical Ring
All except Novices 40 CRIT+5
2652.png Goddess of Fortune's Cursed Brooch
All 40 CRIT+6, 0.5% chance to curse yourself when attacking
2667.png Renown Archer's Gloves
All except Novices 60 DEX+1, HIT+5, CRIT+5
2655.png Bloodied Shackle Ball
All except Novices With Shackles: ATK+50
2615.png Safety Ring
All except Novices 40 DEF+3, MDEF+3
2728.png Cursed Hand [1]
All except Novices 80 HIT+10, HP Regen+20%, chance to cast Critical Wound when attacking
2680.png Lesser Elemental Ring
All All stats +1

Chance to cast Find Stone, Sense, Item Appraisal, Greed when attacking

Chance to cast First Aid, Back Slide, Leap, Sprint when attacked

2677.png Spiritual Ring
All INT+2, DEX+1

With Clip or Rosary: SP Regen+9%, +30% ME and Heal on Undead element

With Wizardry Staff or Soul Staff: DEX+2, MATK+6%, Cast Time -1% per weapon upgrade

With Divine Cross: DEX+2, MATK+10%, -10% damage from Demon and Undead

2730.png Seal of Continental Guard [1]
All except Novices 80 HP+50, ASPD+3%
2731.png Rune Spellstone [1]
SP+50, Cast delay -1%
2732.png Death Loop [1]
2648.png Morpheus's Ring
All except Novices 33 SP+5%, INT+1 Both with Morpheus's Hood and Morpheus's Shawl: MDEF+11, INT+5, SP+20%, Cast Time +25%, cast cannot be interrupted
2649.png Morpheus's Bracelet
SP+5%, INT+1
2650.png Morrigane's Belt
All except Novices 61 ATK+5, CRIT+3 Both with Morrigane's Helm and Morrigane's Manteau: ATK+18, STR+2, LUK+9, CRIT+13, Perfect Dodge +13
2651.png Morrigane's Pendant
2765.png Novice Figure
All HP+70 Novice: HP+30
2766.png Swordman Figure
VIT+1 Swordman: DEF+2
2767.png Acolyte Figure
INT+1 Acolyte: SP+50
2768.png Mage Figure
INT+1 Mage: SP Recovery + 5%
2769.png Archer Figure
DEX+1 Archer: ATK+10
2770.png Thief Figure
AGI+1 Thief: ASPD+3%
2771.png Merchant Figure
STR+1 Merchant: CRIT+5
2644.png The Sign
All ATK+5%, MATK+5%
2774.png Glorious Mass-Production Ring
All except Novices All stats +1
2773.png Glorious Pupularized Ring
61 All stats +2
2772.png Glorious Ring
81 HP+300, ASPD+5%, Casting speed +3%

+10% Fire, Earth, Wind, Water resistance

+5% Heal, Sanctuary, Aid Potion

+3% Heal, Sanctuary, Aid Potion on yourself

2720.png Medal of Honor
Swordman, TaeKwon Master 70 DEF+1, ATK+5%, MATK+5%

With Glorious Ring: ATK+5%, MATK+3%

HP+500, SP+50, HIT+10, Stun when attacking
2725.png Medal of Honor
Merchant HP+500, SP+50, ASPD+10%, Curse when attacking
2721.png Medal of Honor
Thief, Ninja HP+300, SP+80, Flee+10, Poison when attacking
2724.png Medal of Honor
Archer HP+300, SP+80, CRIT+10, Blind when attacking
2722.png Medal of Honor
Acolyte HP+600, MDEF+6, Silence when attacking
2723.png Medal of Honor
Mage, Soul Linker HP+600, MDEF+6, Stone when attacked
2656.png Armor Charm
Swordman, Thief, Merchant HP+50, DEF+1

With Padded Armor: HP+150, DEF+5

2719.png Iron Wrist
Swordman, Merchant 50 DEF+1, Bash and Mammonite damage +6%
2654.png Shinobi Sash
Thief, Ninja 30 DEF+1, MDEF+1, STR+1, AGI+1

With Ninja Suit: HP+300, skill SP cost -20%

2716.png Librarian Glove [1]
Wizard, Sage, Soul Linker 80 SP+20 Both with Principles of Magic or Ancient Magic: INT+5, HP+700, ASPD+5%
2717.png Pocket Watch
With Memory Book and Monocle: MATK+7%, HP/SP Regen +15%
2619.png Bow Thimble [0]

2671.png Bow Thimble [1]
Archer 65 +3% ranged damage
2718.png Lunatic Brooch [1]
Archer 65 With Luna Bow: DEX+1, SP+50, SP Regen +10%
2702.png Bison Horn [1]
Transcendent 2nd 90 AGI+2

With Thorny Buckler: ASPD+10%, 5% short-ranged physical reflect

2703.png Expert Ring [1]
Transcendent 2nd 50 Cast delay -5%, skill SP cost +5%
2701.png Orleans's Glove [1]
Transcendent 2nd 90 DEX+2, MATK+3%

With Orleans's Server: Cast Time -10%

2729.png Diabolus Ring [1]
Transcendent 2nd HP+100, SP+100, Heal +5%, physical damage versus Satan Morroc +10%
2659.png Vesper Core 01
Transcendent 2nd DEF+1, MDEF+3 INT+2, SP+5%
2660.png Vesper Core 02
STR+3, ATK+10
2661.png Vesper Core 03
AGI+3, Flee+5
2662.png Vesper Core 04
DEX+3, Hit+10
2678.png Ring Of Flame Lord
Transcendent 2nd ATK+15, STR+2, VIT+1, +10% Fire resistance

Chance to cast Fire Ball, Gloria Domini, Zen, Bowling Bash, Fury when attacking

With each other: Chance to cast Meteor Assault, Sonic Blow, Lex Aeterna, Occult Impaction, Guillotine Fist when attacking
2679.png Ring Of Resonance
DEF+2, MDEF+2, AGI+2, VIT+1

Chance to cast Quagmire, Heal, Assumptio, Tarot Card of Fate, Venom Splasher when attacked

2726.png Icarus Wings
Sniper 70 DEX+3, SP+50 With each other: Skill SP cost -25%
2727.png Bowman Scarf
DEX+3, SP+50
2630.png Brisingamen
All 94 God Items DEF+1, MDEF+5, STR+6, AGI+6, VIT+6, INT+6, LUK+10
2629.png Megingjard
DEF+2, MDEF+7, STR+40
2613.png Diamond Ring
All Used for wedding
2657.png Laboratory Permit
All Quest Item Biolabs Entrance
2707.png Gusli
Finding The Moving Island
2784.png Christmas Musicbox
Christmas Event (2008-2009)

Enables Christmas Carol skill