Martyr's Reckoning

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Martyr's Reckoning.png Martyr's Reckoning
Martyr's Reckoning Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 100
Cast Delay: ASPD
Duration: Until next 5 attacks
Target: Self
Property: Neutral
(Swordman) Endure Lv. 1, (Crusader) Sacrifice Lv. 3

Martyr's Reckoning (Alt: Sacrifice) is a Transcendent 2nd class active skill available as Paladin.


Allows to inflict Neutral property special damage for the next five normal attacks at cost of 9% of the user's Max HP each. These hits pierce defense and ignore the accuracy check.

Level Damage Rate
1 100%
2 110%
3 120%
4 130%
5 140%


  • Relogging or using Battle Chant will cancel this skill.
  • Although the damage from this skill is physical, Attack does not affect the damage.
  • It can still be dodged perfectly.
  • Every normal attack counts for this skill, whether it lands or not.
  • The damage bonus from Magnum Break does increase the damage of this skill, but it is still forced to Neutral property.
  • The Sign does increase the damage of this skill, but the Medal of Honor (Swordman) only increases the damage from the Max HP bonus.
  • Although the damage is applied to normal attacks, it is still affected by the skill damage reduction from the War of Emperium and Battlegrounds.
  • Other skills are usable, but they're unaffected by this skill.
  • This skill has higher priority over any other effects, such as Royal Guard's Exceed Break.
  • The Emperium is unaffected by this skill.
  • If this skill is used outside of Classical Pluck, this effect will function within it.
  • The special effect of Ice Pick does not work with this skill.
  • Baphomet Card does not work with this skill.
  • If this skill is used and then Gloria Domini is used, this skill can still be used during the delay of Gloria Domini.

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