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Battlegrounds is a PVP system in which two teams compete towards specific objectives in various arenas, and has unique equipment and consumable rewards for participation. To enter the Battlegrounds atrium, speak to one of the following Maroll Battle Recruiters:

To leave the atrium, players can talk to the Teleporter NPC bat_room148150 who will send them back to the town they entered from.

To queue for Battlegrounds, use the Battlegrounds Window in the listed in the Basic Info Window. Players can only queue for battlegrounds alone as teams are randomly assigned.. The player may join battlegrounds from anywhere using @joinbg. After the match has finished they will be teleported back to their save point.

New Game Modes

Capture the Flag

Each team has a crystal to defend. The enemy team has to loot the crystal from the other team and bring it to their base to get 1 point. The team who gets 3 points wins the game. The player carrying the crystal cannot use items or skills and loses HP/SP over time. Protect them!

Team Deathmatch

First team to get 20 kills wins.


There are 3 bases: North, Center and South. The teams have to capture a base to get points. Bases are captured by standing near the flag. The team that has the most players in that area slowly captures it over time. First team to get 100 points wins.


Rush is a WoE FE mode, with both teams spawning at the entrance. Rush with your team to the Emperium to capture the castle. If the defending team can hold the castle, they win. The attacking team has to break the Emperium to win.


Conquest is a WoE SE mode, and there is a defending and an attacking Team (picked randomly). The defending team owns the castle and has to protect the Guardian Stones, Barricades and the Emperium. The defending team is able to use the Flag System of WoE SE.

Stone Control

Each team has a base with places to bring the stones to. The 6 stones spawn in the middle of the arena. The goal is bring the stones to your base to get points. The player carrying the stone cannot use items or skills and loses HP/SP over time. You can steal the stones from the enemy base! First team to get 100 points wins.

Battlegrounds Items

7829.png Valor Badges are the reward items that can be obtained in battlegrounds. They can be traded in for a variety of different equipment. (Badges can be stored in Master Storage and freely be used by other characters within the Master account.)

You will also get 9100000.png 2 Daily Coins for your first win of the day if you have not yet reached your daily coin limit.

Possible Rewards:


Consumables Badges Required
12438.png Giant Fly Wing 7829.png 20 Valor Badges
25464.png World Tour Ticket 7829.png 100 Valor Badges
1000226.png Blacksmith's Blessing Shard 7829.png 250 Valor Badges
17229.png Infinite Flywing Box (3 days) 7829.png 500 Valor Badges
17162.png (Event) Boarding Halter 7 Days Box 7829.png 500 Valor Badges



Battleground Costume Box (Upper)

19836.png Costume Large Majestic Horns 20316.png Costume Seraph Wing Helm 19667.png Costume Dragon Helm
19677.png Costume Soulless Wing 19761.png Costume White Lily 19806.png Costume Full Bloom Hairpin
19973.png Costume Circlet of Bones 19884.png Costume Vanargand Helm 20081.png Costume Metal Dragon Helm
19880.png Costume Golden Tiara 19681.png Costume Silver Tiara 31765.png Costume Garnet Tiara
20033.png Costume Monk Crown 20302.png Costume Beelzebub Crown 31125.png Costume Queen Anz Revenge

Battleground Costume Box (Middle)

20319.png Costume Crimson Booster
20311.png Costume Magical Booster
20318.png Costume Charleston Antenna
20255.png Costume Love Cheeks
31687.png Costume Alchemist Bag

Battleground Costume Box (Lower)

20193.png Costume Puppy Grass
20279.png Costume Cheering Whistle
31559.png Costume Royal Guard Necklace
420029.png Costume Imperial Glory
31831.png Costume Disguise Mantle

Battleground Costume Box (Garment)

20762.png Costume Great Devil Wings
20746.png Costume Rudra Wings
20764.png Costume Fallen Angel Wing
20737.png Costume Kirin Wings
20509.png Costume Wings of Uriel

Battleground supplies (useable only in Battleground maps):