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General Overview

Enchantment is a very significant part of improving equipment. Having better enchants will improve a piece of equipment greatly, and sometimes the enchants are even the defining part of the gear. Some of the enchants have a chance of breaking the equipment, and sometimes they do not. For more information on each specific enchanting system, please check their individual pages.

Certain types of enchantments have a set bonus. Whether the set bonus is from equipment, a card, or specific enchant, it is only applied once, even if the player has multiple instances of it in their build.

While some enchants are quite simple and straightforward (Ex. An INT +4 enchant that simply adds four INT stat points to your character build), others are a special type of enchant that may give multiple effects within one enchant, and also have multiple levels / tiers.

Kingdom Guild Enchants

Main article: Kingdom Guild Enchanting

This is highly recommended for a beginner. Enchant Kingdom Guild equipment using Kingdom Coin(s), which can be easily gained via daily item collection quest(s). The enchantment is random, but there is no chance of breaking the item and the enchantment will always succeed. See main article for the details.

Memorial Dungeon Enchants

Main article: Memorial Dungeon Equipment Enchanting

For a fixed amount of zeny, enchant Memorial Dungeon Equipment for a random stats-based or class-based enchant. No other items are needed to attempt a random enchantment. See main article for the details.

Glast Heim Enchants

Main article: Blue Flame Staff Enchanting

Enchant a Blue Flame Staff using 1 Mythril per enchant attempt (100% success rate). See main article for the details.