Skill Equipment

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Skill Equipment, also known as Skill Gear, allows players to obtain new skills. These may be due to cards compounded in a piece of equipment, or the equipment itself. Skills obtained this way will appear in the Skill Window and can be placed on the Hotkey Bar. See Autocast for similar equipment and cards which allow skills to trigger automatically.

Skills bestowed from Weapons

Equipment Type Skill Bestowed
1366.png Light Epsilon
Two Handed Axe
Heal.png Heal Lv. 3
1133.png Fireblend
One Handed Sword
Fire Bolt.png Fire Bolt Lv. 3
1131.png Ice Falchion
One Handed Sword
Cold Bolt.png Cold Bolt Lv. 3
1135.png Cutlus
13400.png Cutlus [1]
One Handed Sword
Bash.png Bash Lv. 5
1720.png Rudra Bow
Heal.png Heal Lv. 1
Cure.png Cure Lv. 1

Skills bestowed from Equipment


Equipment Skill Bestowed
2821.png Acolyte Manual
Heal.png Heal Lv. 1
Blessing.png Blessing Lv. 1
Increase AGI.png Increase AGI Lv. 1
2822.png Archer Manual
Improve Concentration.png Improve Concentration Lv. 1
Owl's Eye.png Owl's Eye Lv. 1
2824.png Mage Manual
Fire Bolt.png Fire Bolt Lv. 1
Fire Wall.png Fire Wall Lv. 1
Increase SP Recovery.png Increase SP Recovery Lv. 1
Cold Bolt.png Cold Bolt Lv. 1
2823.png Merchant Manual
Mammonite.png Mammonite Lv. 1
Discount.png Discount Lv. 1
Overcharge.png Overcharge Lv. 10
Item Appraisal.png Item Appraisal Lv. 1
2940.png Ninja Manual
Cicada Skin Shed.png Cicada Skin Shed Lv. 1
Flaming Petals.png Flaming Petals Lv. 1
Throw Shuriken.png Throw Shuriken Lv. 1
2819.png Swordman Manual
Bash.png Bash Lv. 1
Magnum Break.png Magnum Break Lv. 1
Provoke.png Provoke Lv. 1
2820.png Thief Manual
Double Attack.png Double Attack Lv. 3
Steal.png Steal Lv. 1
Hiding.png Hiding Lv. 1
Envenom.png Envenom Lv. 1
2634.png Wedding Ring

2635.png Wedding Ring
I Miss You.png Romantic Rendezvous
I'll Sacrifice Myself For You.png Loving Touch
I'll Save You.png Undying Love
Love Conquers Death.png Love Conquers Death
Let's Go Family!.png Let's Go Family!

Skills bestowed from Cards

Card Compounded Into Skill Bestowed
4033.png Poporing Card
Detoxify.png Detoxify Lv. 1
4048.png Poison Spore Card
Envenom.png Envenom Lv. 3
4093.png Obeaune Card
Cure.png Cure Lv. 1
4103.png Horong Card
Sight.png Sight Lv. 1
4139.png Joker Card
Steal.png Steal Lv. 1
4044.png Smokie Card
Hiding.png Hiding Lv. 1
4084.png Marine Sphere Card
Magnum Break.png Magnum Break Lv. 3
4073.png Pirate Skeleton Card
Discount.png Discount Lv. 5
4053.png Vitata Card
Heal.png Heal Lv. 1
4040.png Creamy Card
Teleport.png Teleport Lv. 1
4117.png Sidewinder Card
Double Attack.png Double Attack Lv. 1
4088.png Frilldora Card
Cloaking.png Cloaking Lv. 1