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Monsters are the creatures of the Ragnarok Online world that players can kill in order to gain experience to level up. Each monster has its own AI, and some will react differently to players than others. When monsters are killed, the player killing then receives experience, and one or more items may be dropped by the monster. Each monster has an element, a size and a race, which the player can take advantage of using appropriate equipment, skills, and items. Some monsters are also considered Bosses or MVPs, which are usually stronger types of monsters that usually summon slaves. Not all monsters fall under the no-Kill Stealing rule; some are considered Free for All.


There are several types of characteristics of monsters:

  • Looter: This monster will take items on the ground. When it is killed, the looted item will be dropped.
  • Assist: This monster will assist other monsters of its kind by attacking the person the others are already attacking.
  • Aggressive: This monster will begin to attack people once they are in its range of sight.
  • Changes Target: This monster will change its current target under certain conditions.
  • Cast Sensor: This monster will immediately target a player who is casting a skill on it.
  • Detector: This monster can still attack people who are hidden using Hiding, Cloaking, and Stalk.
  • Immovable: This monster cannot move unless it is forced to move by a skill (e.g. Jupitel Thunder).
  • Non-attacker: This monster does not attack.

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