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Equipment General Overview

Equipment is a significant part of gameplay, and many players strive to constantly improve their gear. To equip a piece of gear, simply double click on it, or drag it from the inventory (alt-e) to the Equip window (alt-q). The character will have to be the required class, and over the required minimum level specified on the item. Some items are also for transcendent classes only.

For new players, completing the Kingdom Guild quests is highly recommended. These offer early to mid-level gears that have bonuses and can be enchanted.

When ready to move on to more advanced gears, the selection could be quite daunting. Often, the exact same gears can be shared among multiple classes, at least within the PVM / MVP sector. The main piece of equipment that tends to differ is the weapon, although certain weapons can be shared as well among similar classes, like how Crusaders and Knights can both equip Spears.

Skills Gained from Equipment

Main article: Skill Equipment

Some equipment allow the use of skills not available normally to a certain class.

Equipment Sets

Main article: Equipment Sets

When equipped together, some equipment will give set bonus.

Random Options

Main article: Random Options

Equipment has the possibility to drop with a certain number of random options, which give additional bonuses to that piece of equipment.