Fever System

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General Info

The Fever System is a Zero-exclusive feature that provides players with a new kind of game mechanic centered around more challenging maps and monsters, and greater rewards. This system is broken up into Fever maps (i.e. fields & dungeons), bosses, and random options.

Fever Fields & Fever Dungeons

Fever Fields & Dungeons are special maps that have stronger variations of certain monsters. These monsters drop Fever equipment, which have better equipment options. Also Mythril Ore drops on these maps, which is important for various equipment crafting.

A Fever map entrance has a red portal.

Fever field portal.jpg

Dynamic Field vs Fever Field

A Fever Field can also be a Dynamic Field because it requires killing X number of a certain monster to spawn a Boss. Sograt Desert Fever Field and Geffen Fever Field are examples of Fever Fields that are also Dynamic Fields.

Current Fever Fields & Dungeons

Fever Bosses

A Fever Boss is a Boss-type monster that drops equipment with Fever Options. These bosses may be on a Fever Map, like Dark Phreeoni, or may be on a Dynamic Map, like in the Clock Tower.

Fever Options

Items that drop in Fever Fields & Fever Dungeons use the Fever category of Random Options. See both the Fever Weapon Options and the Fever Equipment Options.