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General Overview

Equippable items worn on the head. Some can be made through NPCs, while others are dropped by monsters. Some headgears are currently unobtainable in the game, as no monster drops it, no NPC creates it, and it cannot be forged.

Headgear that can be made via NPC, or craftable headgear, can be found throughout the game. Some have short quests associated with them that also give some Base EXP, but otherwise you just talk to the NPC, turn in the proper ingredients for that headgear, and the NPC will place it in your inventory.

An easy way to see the different craftable headgear ingame, their ingredients, where the NPC is located, and other useful information is via the Tip Box.

Tip Box

To access the Tip Box, click on the Tip box icon under your character's Basic Information.

Tip box icon.png

Once in the Tip Box, you can search for different head gears by either: (a) searching by name, such as "Wanderer's Sakkat" or (b) searching for "M " to see a list of headgears.

Tip box search headgear.png

Clicking on a headgear entry opens up a details page in the Tip Box. Here you can see the name of and be linked to the NPC that makes the headgear. Also you can see the ingredients needed for that headgear, and one place you can go to find each ingredient.

Tip box headgear info.png

Atelier Manus

Atelier Manus is a kRO Zero exclusive building located at prontera50293 (look for the building with the Star banner over its entrance). There you can make a variety of Zero-specific headgear. A list of these headgear can be found on the Headgear Ingredients page as well as in the Tip Box.

Atelier manus entrance.png

Once inside, talk to Februs to see what he can make, and to turn in the ingredients to make the headgear.

Februs npc.png

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