The Study of Dragons

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The Study of Dragons
Base Level: Level 90
Item(s) (Consumed): 1036.png 4 Dragon Scale and 1035.png 12 Dragon Canines
Quest Prerequisite(s): Abyss Lake Entrance Quest completed
Base Experience: 1 287 000 base exp first completion
Item(s): 25273.png 10 Hugel Tokens
  1. Speak with Ambrose after completing the Abyss Lake Entrance Quest. They will ask the player to put 1036.png 1 Dragon Scale and 1035.png 3 Dragon Canines in 4 locations on the second level of the Abyss Lake Underground Dungeon for their research.
    Ambrose.jpg Abyss Lake2.jpg
  2. After visiting all 4 locations, return to Ambrose and the player will be rewarded with:
    1 287 000 base exp on their first completion
    25273.png 10 Hugel Tokens for every repeated completion of the quest.